Is Troy Aikman Gay in Real Life… Even After Having 3 Children from Two Wifes

Is Troy Aikman gay: Troy Aikman is an NFL player who played 12 seasons for Dallas Cowboys. In 1989, NFL Draft he was selected, by the Cowboys. He was also the co-owner of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team Hall of Fame Racing from 2005 to 2009  with Roger Staubach. Recently rumors reveal that Tory is gay. Is he really gay? To know more about his s*xuality read on. 

Who is Troy Aikman?

Aikman was born on 21 November 1966, In Cerritos California. When he was 12, they shelled in Oklahoma, where he join Henryetta High Schoo to play football and baseball. In 1983, he won Oklahoma high school state championship for typing. No other details are available about his early life on his social media account. 

Is Aikman Gay?

Aikman get mad at Bayless stament in his book taht he is gay. Aikman talked about Bayless, that he is neither “talented”, “respected” nor “credible”. He said all this because of his statement about Tory. Deitsch wrote, “Bayless made an unsubstantiated claim that Aikman was gay.”

20 years before Bayless claim that Tory was gay in his book Hell-Bent published in 1996, said Richard Deitsch. Bayless was a raising sports writer at that time in Dallas and he wanted to create controversies every time. That’s why other writers did not like him much. He wrote two books Hell-Bent which are based on a super Bowl match in which you can get a story between Aikman and the team coach Barry Switzer.

Al the rumors start from here about Aikman’s sexuality. Even he also tries to find out something to talk about with Aikman agent Leigh Steinberg, a Dallas police source, a team source, and Aikman sportscaster Pal Dale Hansen. But everyone in Aikamn’s favor said that Aikman is not gay. 

Is Troy Aikman Gay
Is Troy Aikman Gay in Real Life? After Having 3 Children from Two Wifes

Then he said (“[W]hat should the sexual preference of a pro athlete matter to a journalist?”) and (“[I]f a stud quarterback speaks openly of how much he loves spending time with his ‘buddies’ … is he automatically branded ‘gay’ in our macho, homophobic society?”) After winning the Super Bowl XXX season, Aikman himself said, “I am not gay.”

Aikman added, “How can I fight this? Am I supposed to keep a girl around even if I don’t care anything about her, just so I can keep everybody off my back?” Someone said, Hell-Bent “voyeuristic journalism”: “The upshot is that nitwits with microphones and notepads have spent this week asking … Aikman, in one form or another, ‘Are you gay?’”

But at this Bayless said, “If that’s the way it works, then I’m sickened by my business and I guess I’m sickened by this interview with you,”. “It’s not fair to me, either.”

Who is Troy Aikman’s Wife?

Aikman was one of the most eligible bachelors on the team according to Texas Monthly. Lorrie Morgan, a country singer dated Tory but not married her. Later in 2000, he tie a note with Rhonda Worthey, in Plano Texas. They have two daughters and one from his previous marriage.

In 2011 they divorced, and after 6 years of divorce, he engaged again to Catherine “Capa” Mooty fashion retailer. He confirmed his engagement on Instagram. Mooty had two kids from his previous marriage with lawyer Jerry Mooty, nephew of Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys. In the following year, they married. 

Know About The Journey of Tory With the Dallas Cowboys

In the 1989 NFL Draft, he was selected by Dallas, Jerry Jones owner of the team suspended Tom Landry as a team coach, and appoint Jimmy Johnson. Aikman played his first match with Denver Broncos and in a match against Arizona Cardinals, he made a record by throwing 379 yards.

Is Troy Aikman Gay
Is Troy Aikman Gay

In 1992, his career was at its high peek with (302), passing yards (3,445), and touchdown passes (23), and made a record for NFL’s second-best winning team continuing 13 victories. They fight with Buffalo Bills, in a Super Bowl XXVII match and win 52-17. In 1994 team coach Jimmy left and Jerry appoint Barry Switzer who is Aikman’s previous coach when he plays for Oklahoma. In 2000 he announced his retirement from the Cowboys because of his back surgery.

Late Aikman joins Fox’s NFC network as a commentator in 2001. Later he joins the leadership team of the network with Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth. He also won an Emmy award for his television channel. He hosts a radio sports show Sporting Radio News. Tory is also the owner of the Tory Aikman Foundation which helps needy children. In 2007 he was accoladed with College Hall of Fame. 

I’m upset about it because it was made up and there was nothing accurate about anything that was insinuated. And he did it, as he does everything, just for attention. I am probably more upset because I probably should have responded to it at the time it was going on. The advice to me was “Hey, just don’t address it. It’s not worth it. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s ridiculous. All it’s going to do is have people continue to talk about his book.” So I didn’t. But I probably could have responded differently and maybe that would have changed things. Maybe it wouldn’t have. But it is ridiculous, and, yeah, it bothers me. If that is a lifestyle people choose, so be it. It doesn’t affect me one way or another. But it is not my lifestyle.

Final Words:

If we look into the matter then Hell-Bent is responsible for it. But it is clear now that Tory is not gay. Hope you like this post, bookmark our site  

Frequently Asked Question

Will Buck and Aikman still be on FOX?

According to the report of ESPN network Joe Buck and Troy Aikman going to leave the show “Monday Night Football”. They both hosted six super bowls together and 20 seasons. 

Who are the announcers for Monday Night Football 2022?

ESPN reported that Joe Buck was on play-by-play, Troy Aikman as the game analyst and Lisa Salters as the field reporter cast. EPN2 cast the Manningcast with Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. 

 How much does Troy Aikman make in a year?

Troy Aikman’s annual salary from ESPN is $ 18 million, which is more than an NFL player’s annual salary. He is now an NFL color commentator liked by the football lover.

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