Walton Panner Group, New Owner of The Denver Broncos Purchased in $ 4.65 Billion

The Denver Broncos are now released from Bowlen family ownership and have a new owner. Walmart’s successor Rob Walton is their new owner who purchased the team Broncos for $ 4.65 billion.

Pat Bowlen Trust gives the franchise of the NFL to the Walton Penner family but some legal work is still undone. Bowlen purchased Denver in 1984 for only $78 million, till ten to now they handled the franchise. After Pat Bowlen’s death in 2019, they successfully handle the team.

$4.65 Billion purchasing amount of Broncos set a record of being the highest amount which is not paid till now for any other team. Before this Brooklyn was purchased for $2.35 billion in August 2019. Before this in 2018, Carolina Panthers were sold for $ 2.275 billion. 

Rob Walton’s daughter Carrie Walton and her husband Greg Penner confirmed this officially. After selling the team owner of the NFL and Roger Goodell, the commission arrange a meeting for 45 minutes and Denver’s CEO Jor Ellis approved their ownership.

“We are just so excited … a big, big day for us [and] putting a winning team on the field is our No. 1 priority,” Walton said. We’re very excited … this is a group that is going to be great in the Denver community,” Goodell said.

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“We are just so excited … a big, big day for us [and] putting a winning team on the field is our No. 1 priority,” Walton said.
“It’s an incredible day for our family,” Carrie Walton-Penner said. ” … We are committed to making sure the Denver Broncos are the best team to play for, to work for, and to cheer for.” In June Ariel Investments co-CEO Mellody Hobson also read to purchase this team in the same prize. According to Forbes net worth of Walton’s is approximately $ 60billion.

“The football team like the Broncos can be a source of community, a source of common purpose, a source of common pride,” Rice, who lived in Denver in her youth, said. “I very much look forward to being a part of it.”

The Broncos is one of the best performing teams in NFL seasons with three Super Bowls under their previous owner

“The Broncos are the one sports franchise we would have considered buying,” Walton said. ” … We got in the middle of [the bidding] first thing … Terrific team, terrific fan base.”

Said Penner: “It’s an iconic franchise.” Walton said Ellis comes back to advise the Broncos after a 27-year break, in the 2022 season. Both Penner and Walton Panner are confident in the team with coach Nathaniel Hackett and general manager George Paton.

“We couldn’t be happier with both the coach and our general manager,” Walton said. ” … Joe Ellis and the trustees and George came up with an outstanding coach … We think we’ve got the pieces to really fit together and have a great season.”

Bowen never announces his successor, after he demines Ellis, Rich Slivka, and Mary Kelly to supervise his team. Waltons and his cousin Stan Kroenke also five another franchise for other games in Colorado. These are Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, and Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse.

“Working together as a family is going to be great,” Walton said of working with his daughter and son-in-law. “Mostly we are honored to steward this historic franchise.”

After this rememberable deal Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that now he had no idea to sell his team, also if the Broncos are sold for approximately $ 5 billion then mine will be around $ 10 billion.

But let me make this very clear,” Jones said, he will step in 80, this October. “I’ll say it definitively. I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever.”

Now two more franchises that are valuable and important for NFL remains Dallas and New England Patriots. Forbes predicts that in 2021, Dallas sold amount is more than $ 6.45 billion. 

After the deal is final Walton released a big thanks to all through his statement.

“We are grateful for the support and trust of the National Football League and the 31 other teams with today’s vote. We couldn’t be more excited to join the Denver Broncos.”

“While we’re deeply committed to fielding a great team to win Super Bowls, our family and extraordinary partners are also dedicated to our off-the-field responsibilities to Broncos Country and the Rocky Mountain region.”

“Operating with integrity and accountability, we aim to draw on our individual strengths and those of the players, coaches, and staff who have shaped the Broncos’ storied history. And to that end, we want to thank Joe Ellis for his guidance throughout this process and his willingness to serve as an advisor to ownership for this season.”

“Across the entire organization, we will all continue to listen and learn.”

“Most importantly, we will strive to make the Denver Broncos the best team to cheer for, play for, and work for in all the sports. Go Broncos!”

“It’s a responsibility and privilege to serve as stewards of such an iconic franchise. We have tremendous respect for what Pat Bowlen has meant to the Broncos and look forward to building on this organization’s championship legacy.”

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