Who Killed Cornelia’s Son in “The English” Ending Explained?

The English is a Western drama series available on Amazon Prime Video is a story about love, revenge and forgiveness set in the American frontier. Lady Cornelia Locke, a woman from England, journeys through the United States looking for the guy responsible for the death of her son.

However, as she travels, she forms new friendships and discovers a set of principles she can stand by, which are very similar to those of the new nation. In “The English,” elements of the Western genre are not relegated to mere decoration and the film is highly enjoyable thanks to its stellar cast and direction.

What Does ‘The English’ Revolve Around?

In 1890, Lady Cornelia Locke leaves her beloved England for Kansas with a suitcase full of cash and the intention of completing a deeply personal mission. However, she is taken captive by the very guys who welcomed her to the illegal territory. When Cornelia first arrives at the camp, she notices a man tied to a pole in one corner.

Upon inquiring about the man, she learns that the group’s leader had captured and lashed the Native American captive because of the man’s race and the fact that he had the nerve to enter a white man’s bar and order a drink. The woman is shocked by his story and frees him by paying a large sum.

Cornelia watches helplessly as the hostage is led away, but she too is soon captured. The leader, a burly man who lacks nuance, makes it crystal plain that he plans to do everything bad he can to Cornelia before killing her. After a tense and uncomfortable lunch of prairie oysters, the leader is abruptly slashed across the throat by a thrown knife.

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Cornelia’s savior arrives from the shadows, having shot his way out of peril and back to camp. However, he argues that he is not returning to save the lady but rather to retrieve his own left behind horse and luggage. Eli Whipp, a Pawnee Native American and former sergeant in the United States Army, is presented.

Whipp has returned home from serving his country. Cornelia now admits her true motivation for traveling to the New World: seeking revenge for the killing of her son at the hands of the man she believes to be in Caine County, Powder River, Wyoming.

When Eli grows up, he wants to return to Nebraska and stake his claim on a little parcel of the property there. Eli’s only hope is that the government will reward his military service by granting him some of the lands that rightfully belong to his indigenous people. Both characters have been following a similar path up until this point and so they decide to travel together into the wilds in an effort to satisfy their own desires.

What, if anything, happened back when Cornelia was younger? To Whom Did She Loses Her Son?

A group of Englishmen had landed in what was then the Wyoming Territory in 1875 and by 1880 they had made it to a place known as Chalk River. They were led by a young Englishman named Thomas Trafford who came to the land to begin a cattle-rearing enterprise.

Thin Kelly and David Belmont, his two travel companions, were possibly not very convinced by this notion and Belmont was the one who warned his boss about the potential loss he could make if Kelly went through with his intentions. After a while, Belmont began to assert his authority over Thomas and the group and Thomas gradually lost his say in matters of every kind.

They had discovered a Cheyenne Indian community at this time and at this location. Three soldiers arrived shortly thereafter and, upon meeting the English crew, informed them that they were operating autonomously. Corporal Jerome McClintock, cousin brothers Billy Myers and Timothy Flynn and Running Hawk, a Cheyenne man wanted for the murder and mutilation of Myers’ brother for infringing on Cheyenne’s property, were all on the hunt for Running Hawk.

Thomas and Timothy were hesitant to report their initial sighting since they knew the guys were bloodthirsty and believed they were superior to the locals, but Belmont eventually turned entirely against them.

Unfortunately for Belmont and his army buddies, a prostitute named Stella Shriver was working at the brothel they were trapped in and she was infected with the potentially fatal disease syphilis. As a result of the severity of her infection and the actual mortality rate associated with the STD at the time, the upper layer of skin on her face had peeled away and fifteen years later, she was forced to find work in the “human freaks and oddities” industry.

Belmont obviously infected Cornelia and anybody else with whom he had sexual relations by spreading syphilis. She contracted the illness during pregnancy and her son did as well. He was only fifteen years old when he died from it. Cornelia knew that David Belmont was the man who killed her kid because he was the boy’s biological father. In part to punish him for the murder of her son and perhaps, more importantly, to get revenge for some terrible wrong he may have done to her.

In what ways did Eli’s present reflect his ties to his past?

In what ways did Eli's present reflect his ties to his past
In what ways did Eli’s present reflect his ties to his past

We learn that Eli is the type to flee the scene of a crime even after he has witnessed its commission. The pilot episode opens on one such incident, with the man patrolling on the final day of his military service as a cavalry scout sergeant. While serving in the army, he witnesses many white soldiers killing a Native American who posed no threat.

Running Hawk, a famous warrior who had troubled the invading army fifteen years before his death, was the victim. While Eli sees this murder taking place and is even identified as a traitor by the victim’s wife, he does nothing to stop it.

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Since all of Eli’s tribe’s enemies were also Native Americans, he had little choice but to join the government army in order to ensure the safety of his family.

Letting the killers of Running Hawk walk away, he also has a chat with one of them, who encourages him to travel to Wyoming and let Billy Myers know that his brother has been finally avenged. Later on, on his travels through the land, Eli is taken by another Native American bandit chief by the name of Kills on Water, who demands he talk about what had transpired during the Massacre at Chalk River.

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