Where You Can Stream National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in 2022?

Perhaps you’re searching for a place to watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” again. We mentioned all the details related to it. Where and when to watch it Christmas Vacation?

Highlights of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a 1989 American Christmas comedy film. Clark Griswold, the film’s protagonist is a dysfunctional father who struggles to celebrate Christmas. Played by Chevy Chase, Clark has trouble putting up Christmas lights gets himself trapped in the attic and exaggerates his holiday pay considerably.

The 1983 release of the first “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” was meant to be a dark comedy. D’Angelo explained that the original vacation had a rating because it was a satire not quite a Saturday Night Live skit but certainly an extension of something like that. However, they found out right away that people were taking their families because they identified with the Griswolds.

But they quickly learned that other families were following suit because they saw themselves in the Griswolds. Columbus native Beverly D’Angelo who plays Ellen Griswold spoke to The Dispatch about the film’s lasting impact on pop culture.

Because of this subsequent installments in the series such as “Christmas Vacation” were made to appeal to a wider audience. For example, When Christmas Vacation came out, it was again: Who are we and how do we do Christmas? The angel said, “I could definitely see myself in that”.

Let’s see where can you watch Christmas Vacation in 2022. 

Where Can You Watch the “Christmas Vacation”?

Where can you Watch Christmas Vacation?
Where can you Watch Christmas Vacation?

You can watch the film On November 12 at 9 p.m. and 6:05 p.m. Premiering on TBS on November 13 and TNT at 8 and 11 p.m. on November 14. Film streaming services like HBO Max and Amazon Prime both offer access to the film. Subsequent entries in the franchise such as Christmas Vacation were retooled to appeal to families.

With the release of Christmas Vacation the questions “Who are we and how do we do Christmas?” resurfaced as D’Angelo put it. I found a lot of common ground with the characters.

Who Are The Main Characters in “Christmas Vacation”?

Star Cast Of Christmas Vacation
Star Cast Of Christmas Vacation

Rocky Johnson (Cody Burger) Eddie and Catherine’s son suffers from an unnamed lip fungus and remains largely mute throughout the film.

Ruby Sue Johnson played by Ellen Hamilton Latzen is Eddie and Catherine Johnson’s daughter. she was born cross-eyed after falling into a well but a mule’s kick cured her.

Clark’s cranky uncle and Bethany’s husband Lewis Griswold is portrayed by William Hickey who also wears a toupee and puffs on cigars.

Bethany Griswold Clark’s 80-year-old senile aunt and Lewis’s wife is portrayed by Mae Questel. Bill, Clark’s best friend, and coworker at the office is played by Sam McMurray.

Margo Chester the yuppie next door who despises Clark and takes the Griswolds’ pranks in stride is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Margo’s spouse Todd Chester played by Nicholas Guest shares her animosity toward Clark.
Clark’s supervisor, Frank Shirley doesn’t know Clark’s initial name and keeps calling him by different names right up until the end of the movie.

Helen Shirley, Frank’s wife is portrayed by Natalia Nogulich. Mary, the lingerie salesgirl played by Nicolette Scorsese.

Doug Llewelyn is the voice of the Parade Announcer Alexander Folk is the Head of the SWAT Team. Clark W. Sparky Griswold Jr., played by Chevy Chase is the family patriarch. Constantly upbeat and perhaps delusional. He nonetheless cares deeply about his family and is committed to creating the best possible Christmas for them.

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Beverly D’Angelo portrays Clark Griswold’s wife Ellen. Though she disagrees with her husband’s viewpoint. She nonetheless backs his Christmas project.

 Clark and Ellen Griswold’s daughter Audrey played by Juliette Lewis. Audrey is not a fan of having to spend Christmas with her extended family especially if it means less time with her friends. Her last two cinematic portrayals were by Dana Barron and Dana Hill.

Russ Griswold the son of Clark and Ellen is portrayed by Johnny Galecki. When it comes to his family though Russ is on his father’s side but finds himself increasingly frustrated. In the previous two movies, he was played by Anthony Michael Hall and Jason Lively.

Clark Griswold Sr. played by John Randolph is Clark’s father. Clark Griswold’s mom Nora was played by Diane Ladd. Ellen’s father Art Smith is portrayed by E. G. Marshall. Frances Smith Ellen’s mother was played by Doris Roberts. Catherine Johnson played by Miriam Flynn is Ellen’s cousin.

Eddie Johnson played by Randy Quaid is Catherine’s husband who brings his family to Chicago without warning or invitation.

What is the Plot of the “Christmas Vacation”?

Christmas Vacation
Christmas Vacation

Chicago resident Clark Griswold is preparing for a wonderful family holiday event. He takes his family wife Ellen, daughter Audrey, and tween Rusty to the countryside to find a tree. Clark chooses the largest tree after hours of hunting in the snow. They uproot the tree and drive home with it fastened to the roof because they failed to pack tools.

After Christmas Clark and Ellen’s parents arrive but their continual fighting irritates the group. Clark remains optimistic and determined to celebrate Christmas with his family in a pleasant old-fashioned way. He wires 25,000 twinkling lights to his garage’s light switch, so they don’t function at first.

When they turn on and cause a citywide power crisis, Clark’s yuppie neighbors Todd and Margo Chester are in trouble. Ellen’s cousin Catherine and her husband Eddie who live in the country arrive on the front lawn with their kids Rocky and Ruby Sue and their Rottweiler Snots to see the lights surprising Clark.

Later Eddie says they’re staying in the RV because he sold his house and acreage due to poverty. More crucially Eddie’s elder children can’t go. Clark offers to buy Eddie’s kids Christmas presents. Clark’s cantankerous uncle Lewis and elderly aunt Bethany come quickly.

Clark becomes concerned when his employer Frank Shirley fails to give him his annual bonus which he needs to repay an advance payment he made to create a swimming pool in time for summer. After Bethany’s cat gets electrocuted and Uncle Lewis burns down the Christmas tree while lighting his cigar, a business messenger delivers a package to him.

Instead of a bonus, the envelope contains a complimentary “Jelly of the Month Club” membership. Clark explodes and insists that Frank be transported to the house gift-wrapped so that he may humiliate him in person.

Eddie believes Clark and kidnaps Frank at his mansion. Frank admits to canceling holiday bonuses and Clark chastises him. Helen, Frank’s wife contacts the police and a SWAT team holds the Griswolds hostage. Frank drops the allegations but is chastised by his wife and SWAT leader for canceling the bonuses after explaining the issue. Frank reinstates the bonuses giving Clark last year’s bonus plus 20%.

What Are the Reviews on Christmas Vacation?

While the cartoon opening and insanely fast sled ride in the 1989 film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are clearly aimed at a younger audience. Parents should be aware that the film also contains some adult language and se*ual themes that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

The comedy relies heavily on calamities like people falling off ladders and cars becoming stuck beneath semis yet no one suffers any permanent damage though a pet cat does get electrocuted. Compared to the first two Vacation films, the language has been moderated although there are still several instances of mild cursing and mild obscenity including by children.

Although some redeeming characteristics are present the film makes all of its characters look silly. However, the whole ensemble is White and clichés abound such as the reiteration of traditional gender roles the se*ualization of a lingerie saleswoman and the demonization of members of the lower-class family.

Adults are depicted frequently smoking cigarettes and cigars and becoming inebriated. It’s probably best to skip this movie if you’re going to be in the company of young children who still believe in Santa Claus as there are numerous references to the actual Santa Claus such as the person responsible for stuffing the stockings, etc.

Frequently Asked

Does Christmas Vacation Available on Netflix?

The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is not yet available on Netflix. We will update you soon if it is available on this platform.

Where Did They Film Christmas Vacation?

Summit County, Colorado hosted principal photography on March 27, 1989, at Silverthorne, Breckenridge and Frisco. The shooting then moved to Warner Bros. Ranch Facilities in Burbank, California where the Griswold family’s house and street are set.

Is There a Christmas Vacation 2?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2 premiered on December 20, 2003, on NBC and stars Randy Quaid and Miriam Flynn reprising their roles as Cousin Eddie and Catherine.

What Is the Famous Line From Christmas Vacation?

I’m at a loss for words because it’s Christmas and everyone here is miserable. The weather is chilly, to say the least. A nitroglycerin facility is so quiet that a dump truck couldn’t be heard driving through it. Are you close to being kiss-ready?

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