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Is Ian McKellen Gay? The Personal Life of The Icon

Veteran actor Ian McKellen is a veteran Hollywood actor who has done impeccable roles over the period. Sir Ian Murray McKellen is a famous British actor known for his versatile roles. The actor was celebrated representing the Royal Shakespeare Company and his sense of filmography is admired by everyone.

His range of characters flaunts his unquestionable talent. From winning a Tony Award to performing a one-man show, he is a brave man with unfathomable talents. But one thing the icon is bold about is his s*xuality. Time and again, questions have been asked about Sir Ian McKellen’s s*xuality and he is daring enough to address all of these without flinching. So, is Sir Ian McKellen gay? Or is there something else to this news? 

Is Sir Ian McKellen Gay?

Born on 25th May 1939 at Burnley, Lancashire, England, Sir Ian McKellen is an actor whom history will remember. He studied at the prestigious St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge. He got his bachelor’s degree in the year 1961 and McKellen had his first ever professional debut back in Robert Bolt’s “A Man for All Seasons”.

His acting career thrived since the 1960s, and he won critical acclaim for his performances in “Richard II” as well as “Edward II”. He received many awards and honors over the period and later explored co-writing screenplays for many genres, series, and films. For “Gods and Monsters,” he even got his first Academy Award nomination. But his role as Gandalf in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is what the fans crave for more.

But in spite of having such a decorated and respected career, Sir Ian McKellen has always been a controversial figure. It is solely because Sir Ian McKellen is openly gay and he is proud to reveal his s*xual identity to the crowd. Sir Ian McKellen was never afraid to show his true self and the audiences who loved him. Sir Ian McKellen is openly gay and the 81 years old actor has disclosed his s*xual preference back in a time when this topic was more of a taboo. 

The icon moment when Sir Ian McKellen revealed his much controversial S*exuality will be marked on the pages of history. He took to BBC radio in 1988 to announce the fact that he is gay. And he considers this to be the best thing that ever happened 

Sir Ian McKellen claimed that the day he discovered himself, everything eventually got better. Even if there were initial struggles, he could manage his life in the way he wanted.

In an interview, Sir Ian McKellen said, ‘It changes your life utterly. I discovered myself.” ‘And everything was better. My relationships with my family, with friends, with strangers, and my work got better as I wasn’t hiding anymore.’

He mentioned how he was actually acting in disguise about his s*xuality until he came out to the public about his s*xuality and it was more of a truth.

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Sir Ian McKellen’s Husband?

Being bold and daring enough to express his feelings, Sir Ian McKellen always maintained the reputation of being gay. Though he is never afraid to show off his preferences to the public, Sir Ian McKellen never talked about his dating life. Once it was rumored that he was in a loving relationship with actor Sean Mathias and it was more of a tempestuous relationship. The couple reportedly started dating in 1978 and it concluded in 1988. After that, it was heard that Sir Ian McKellen was dating the famous painter Nick Cuthell back in 2002 which only lasted for a year.

The veteran actor has always maintained a sense of privacy in his relationship since the beginning of his life. Over his course of life, Sir Ian McKellen has been married twice. His first husband was Brian Taylor and the second was Sean Mathias. Many suspect that currently Sir Ian McKellen is having a fling with the famous X-Mn star, Patrick Stewart. But just to clear the air, he jokingly said about marrying Patrick because, in reality, Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick are best of friends.

Sir Ian McKellen Is a Gay Rights Activist

Sir Ian McKellen has always been a gay rights activist. Not only that, he even spreads public awareness for AIDs. In 2021, he co-founded Stonewall UK. It is basically a British LGBT rights organization for lesbians, gays, and bis*xuals, and has famous people associated with it.

He even talked about how there are plenty of gay people in Hollywood and claimed that the industry is slowly accepting the s*xuality of people. Sir Ian McKellen said that it “was the beginning of Hollywood admitting that there were gay people knocking around, even though half of Hollywood is gay.”

Being so vocal for the people of his community totally clears that Sir Ian McKellen is an icon. The legend has inspired generations with his films and also his philosophy. Without any doubt, Sir Ian McKellen is proudly a gay actor!

This is all about whether Ian McKellen is Gay or not. Hoping from our side you like this information. If so, keep following our site Also, check our entertainment section for television updates.

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