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Is Joey Graceffa Gay? Whom Is He Dating?

Joseph Michael Graceffa is best known as Joey Graceffa. He is a celebrated YouTube personality, writer, and musician with a lot of fan following. On his channel, he has got more than 9 million subscribers Like Darren Watkins. You may know him from his famous literary works such as “Rebels of Eden” and “Elites of Eden ”. He also had been seen in many different Disney TV shows and reality shows like “The Amazing Race”. Moreover, he debuted in Hollywood with the film “The Space Between Us ‘ opposite Britt Roberts. But what about his personal life?  Is he gay or does he have a girlfriend? Joey’s personal life is pretty open to the public and so, here are all the details.

 Is Joey Graceffa Gay? Did He Come out As Gay?

Joey Graceffa has always been open about his relationship status. He started using YouTube to express himself. But on 16th May 2015, he uploaded a video with the title “Don’t Wait,” in which he danced around. Joey is very much into witches, princes, princesses, and goblins. So, the fans were introduced to the same in the video and at the end, he showed his fans the love of his life. He came out as gay and showed the world his lovely lover. The lovers kissed right when the video ended in the middle of the gorgeous forest. It was quite a magical moment that every audience lived for. This was pretty exotic and the video elaborates in every way.

As Joey was born in the small town of Marlborough while is located in Massachusetts and so, coming out as gay was a big deal for him. Joey never tried to hide his true identity. Even to this day, he expresses himself without fearing anyone.

 He also dropped another video with the title “YES I’M GAY” to make it clear to his fans.

I might as well just say it for real.. But I’m gay,” “It felt amazing,” “I was more excited than nervous because I finally felt confident in myself. I came out when I was ready, on my terms, in my own way, without anybody telling me what to do, and I can’t stress enough how important that is.

“No-one should ever feel pressured to ‘come out’ when they aren’t confident with their s*xuality.”

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Who Is Joey Graceffa’s Boyfriend?

The YouTube personality has been dating Daniel Preda for a long time now. The couple began officially dating in 2014 and it was a cute love story. Joey first spotted Daniel’s photo on Instagram and they started following each other. Daniel showed the same interest, and the couple was regularly in touch with each other. Soon they frequently talked to each other and until they became sure about their love, the relationship was totally a secret.

Interestingly, Joey didn’t even come out about his s*xuality back then. He was worried if that would backfire and setback his career. Moreover, his hometown wasn’t that broadminded and he worried about acceptance.

Even before it was less than a year of his dating life, Joey came out to the public. It was the most extraordinary coming-out video that the world has ever seen 

Who is Daniel Preda?

The famous boyfriend of Daniel is a celebrated model, producer, and even a television personality. He has been behind the scenes of YouTube’s popular show, “Escape the Night”. This was Joey’s show and Daniel was a producer. In this show, many known YouTube celebrities were seen. It is indeed a series that consists of trap-filled layers. The show was first launched by the duo on 22nd June 2016. It has been running for many years and is still the favorite of the audiences. And Daniel helps actively manage everything related to the show, helping his boyfriend achieve the best.

Are Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda Married?

As of now, Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa are not married. But the couple has been committed for eight incredible years and their relationship has become stronger. Rumors are there that marriage is on the cards and the couple will soon tie the knot.

Final Lines

So, yes, Joey Graceffa is gay and he is honored to be a part of a community that inspires one to love oneself. He is now with Daniel and their future plans also excite the fans. So, what do you think about Joey and Daniel getting married? 

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