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How to Make Your Instagram Page Thrive in 2022

Today Instagram is being used mostly as a platform for business, not for sharing personal photos and memories with friends. Lots of people come here daily to start managing their business page and advertise their products, services, and content in general – but in 2022 it is way harder to do than it was earlier in the day when the niche wasn’t so much occupied by the crazy number of talented content creators and businessmen.

However, reaching success is still possible, due to the fact that you can turn to help from paid services and professionals, who know how to make your Instagram page thrive in 2022. In this article we will talk about several methods that you can use, including a chance to buy Instagram followers – this one should be paid as much attention as possible.

What can you start with?

If you’re totally new to online promotion, start with organizing your profile in the correct way. Upload at least 12 posts, so that your feed would look filled, work on hashtags – don’t put up to 30 under each post, filter them and leave only the ones that describe your products or services in the most specific way. Use creative geolocations, and put the ones that are linked to the popular places in your city so that people who are monitoring them would be able to see your posts as well.

However, there are also two good free methods that you can use: commenting and activity chats. Both of those give newcomers a possibility to attract the first readers to their pages – by leaving comments under the posts of big bloggers and by sharing the links to the posts that need support in activity chats. Both of those methods though give mediocre effect, as you cannot leave comments endlessly (you might be perceived as spam then) and you cannot ask for likes under each post as well. This is why at a certain point in time you have to start investing in your profile’s development and buy paid services.

What is available for money

You can purchase subscribers for your page, you can set a targeted ad and you can order PR from bigger bloggers. However, in the case of the paid methods, it is best to follow the right order, and it is exactly the order that we have put them in the first sentence of this paragraph. Start with purchasing subscribers: it will help you build a base that you will be able to rely on later. Bought followers will create visibility of success and will make other viewers who will come because of the targeted ad and because of the ad from a blogger subscribe to you more keenly.

Targeted ads are more pricey than the possibility to purchase subs, but it brings a more specific audience to anybody’s account: Instagram shows the post or the story exactly to people who are going to be interested in it. PR from bloggers does the same thing: apply them to your profile’s promotion in the end and see, how the statistics are going to skyrocket in several days.


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