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Is Noah Reid Gay In Real Life? Know About Patrick From Schitt’s Creek

The Canadian-American actor who is famously known for his iconic character of Patrick from “Schitt’s Creek”, Noah Reid has become a lovable face. Ever since he came to the spotlight as Patrick, it didn’t take much time for him to become a fan favorite. Noah started his acting career back in the late 90s and early 2000s. He did voice roles in multiple shows like “Franklin” and “Pippi Longstocking”. Then Noah was seen as the lead character in “Score: A Hockey Musical.” He did many lead roles but what made the most impact was when he entered the cast of “Schitt’s Creek” in 2017. 

The Emmy-winning show may have ended in 2020 but fans are still very much invested in his life. Fans keep wondering if Noah Reid is gay or not. So, here is the much-needed clarity that you need to have.

 Is Noah Reid Gay?

After Noah played David Rose’s love interest in the show “Schitt’s Creek,” fans immediately started questioning his s*xuality. Dan Levy, who was David in the show showed flawless chemistry with Patrick and every single person was shipping the couple. The relationship was quite a loveable one and everyone wanted a boyfriend like Patrick in their life. Soon, the fans started believing that Noah Reid was gay in real life. However, we are sad to dishearten you but Noah is actually not gay. He is a straight man who prefers women but he is fully in support of LGBTQ+ rights Like Lee Pace from Guardians of the Galaxy.

While discussing his representation of his character Patrick, Noah said, “I didn’t feel a need to play anything or put on anything aside from the feelings that character had for David Rose,” “I think we all know at this stage in the game that s*xuality is a spectrum and gender is a spectrum.”  

So, Noah stayed true to the character as much as possible and of course, the undeniable chemistry has proven it to the fans. One thing is for sure, Noah did nail his role as Patrick people are literally convinced that his s*xuality is gay in reality. He even mentioned how the coming out moment was significant for the series. Noah stated, “On a personal level, I think the coming out scene was pretty massive. It felt like for the how and for my character, and I’m proud of how the writers approached that storyline. And really I’m just proud to have been part of a show that seems to have captured so much of the world in its balance between humor and heart, and its ability to reach people and mean something to people in really dark times.”

Noah is proud to be a part of such a show that allowed him to play such a dignified role. However, he is still fully heteros*xual-like (Maya Hawke) and there is no doubt about it.

Noah Reid Is A Married Man

Ladies, if you were wondering whether you could date Noah or not, well, he is taken off the market. In July 2020, Noah married his long-time lover and the love of his life, Clare Stone. The couple were lucky to find each other and didn’t want to miss the chance of losing themselves. They have been inspiring many individuals to find love and seal it forever. The star first declared his engagement in 2019 and captioned the picture “Roommates For Life.”

But in just two years, the couple decided to be each other’s forever and had a very intimate wedding ceremony on the breathtaking shores of Lake Huron. They became husband and wife at 25. 07. 2020. However, in spite of that, the 34-year-old actor is strictly against any acts or laws anti-LGBTQ.

He even went to the extent of slamming the multiple anti-LGBTQ+ bills that are still eminent in the US. While talking to “Daily Beast,” he said, “I think it is anti-human, and I think it’s very sad that in this country where people are obsessed with freedom, there seems to be a cognitive disconnect around who gets to experience freedom.” “But I have hope and faith that the people will be the deciding factor in these matters and that we will overcome these draconian, ridiculous pursuits of hate and intolerance.”

So, Noah Reid isn’t gay but he is a strong supporter of the cause and firmly believes to provide individuals the right to love whomever they want. Noah is looking forward to doing more such roles that will make history but no one can replace the duo David and Patrick soon. We wish Noah Reid all the best for his life and his upcoming career.

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