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Chief Vs Chargers; Justin Herbert Injured And Chiefs Beat the Chargers

In the AFC West championship, Justin Herbert got injured. Now people summarized that another team can get a chance to take over and challenge the Kansas City Chiefs. Because two major players of them Mahomes and Herbert are not in the form now.

As their score speaks, 24-35 for 235 yards, two touchdowns, and nil interception by Mahomes, and Herbert made 33 on 48 passes for 334 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

In fact, Thursday night the Los Angles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs fought in a match and the Chiefs register a winning over Los Angles Chargers 27-24. Mahomes and Justin improved their form and in the first week 24 on 35 passes, and 33 on 48 passes.

Keen Allen is not fit to play and Mike Williams contributes eight catches. Then Chief kicked a goal in 1 yard of charger line and began the fourth quarter, and now score in 17-17, the match is going to tie. Then, rookie, Jaylen Watson kicked the ball 99 yards and score 1 touchdown and register their lead in the game.

To come back Herbert wanted to kick again but was knocked out and injured in his ribs. Then he does not appear in the game and Los Angle could not recover.

Chief Vs Chargers
Chief Vs Chargers; Justin Herbert Injured And Chiefs Beat the Chargers

The Chiefs Won

In beginning Chief’s performance is not as good, but struggles. It seems the Chargers take a lead but the Chiefs give a satisfying performance and take a lead in the second half by scoring 2-0 points their score is 14-7 to 27-14. The Chiefs are lucky Asante Samuel Jr. was not playing and Travis missed the ball because of Derwin James’ turnovers also a big point to win and because of good effort in turnovers Chiefs won the match. The last 99-yard score 6 by Jaylen Watson provided them the lead.

The Chargers Lost

In beginning, the Chargers lead the game with a perfect score, but unfortunately, they do not perform well as time passes. In the first half, they impressed their fan with their performance but in the second half Chief take over the game, and Mahomes did come back with his team and scored a point.

What errors are done by Chargers, read here. They struggled in third position bd provide Mahmoes a good gap to make points in the second half. In the second half, the Chief come together and the Chargers failed to stop them from leading, as they earn one touchdown. Herbert does not get a field to play as Mahomes is behind him and under pressure, he injured himself at last.

Turning point to Get Lead

In the second half, a touchdown score by the Chief was especially Mahomes for 41 yards and 20 points which they score are the most important part of the game. Next was Jaylen Watson who score 6 to give a good lead to his team.

Congratulations to The Kansas Chiefs. With the hope that Harbert recover soon and join back his team, I am going to quit now. Meet again with other surprising news for you. Stay tuned for more amazing information.

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