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Mike Williams For The Chargers’ Insane one-handed Catch

There will be nothing that can go wrong under the watch of Mike Williams. He is consistent and unstoppable when it comes to the game. Being an already popular figure, a lot of pressure is on him to live up to the expectations of not only the fans but also himself. Mike proved his worth yet again with his Thursday night game.

His impeccable catch had made the jaws drop and Mike became the headliner for the game. The game night made history and Mike Williams of the Chargers showed why he is considered the best. So, how did the game night go by for Mike Williams? We surely have seen some iconic moves on the page of NFL but this was something beyond whatever we have already witnessed. So, let us explain to you how it went.

Mike Williams’ Ridiculous One-Handed Catch

Thursday’s game will always be memorable for Mike Williams. The game was against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers didn’t have Keenan Allen to make his killer moves. Both Allen and Williams are assigned as 1a and 1b for the Chargers’ passing game.

In fact, Allen is considered a reliable stat compiler. But sadly, Allen wasn’t playing for the game against the Chiefs due to his hamstring injury. Thus, the entire pressure was on Williams and the performance he was about to deliver. Fans had built high hopes around Williams’ performance and we can say that without a doubt, Williams delivered to everyone’s expectations.

Thursday night was truly a breathtaking touchdown for Williams’s career. So, how did the catch end up being?

To start with, The Chargers were in charge of the first ball to start the second half. So, “after picking up a first down on a fourth-down run by Austin Ekeler, the Chargers dialed up a deep ball for Williams.”

It was Herbert who passed the ball to Williams at the very end zone and it was here where the magic was created. Williams just put his one hand out, caught the pass, managed to stay within the bounds, and even did drop the catch when he hit the ground. Undoubtedly, this was the highlight of the match. It indeed became the best highlight that no fans could forget and the score of it was 17-7, of course, the Chargers led.

Without a doubt, this has added Williams to over 100 years for the game and gave the champion a “big stat line at Kansas City” 

NFL Research tweeted, “Mike Williams is the first visiting player with 100+ receiving yards & 1+ receiving TD in 3 consecutive games at Arrowhead Stadium Travis Kelce is the only Chiefs player with such a streak.”

So, it has been a career move for Mike Williams, climbing up the ladder of success effortlessly.

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When Did Mike Williams Join The Chargers?

During the 2017 NFL draft, Mike was the seventh pick for the Chargers. He had incredible moments during his span of a career with the Chargers. But this was indeed the best game for Mike Williams. He was initially signed for three years and after watching his gameplay, Mike was signed for an extension of $60 million. With his Thursday night move, he did prove that he is worth the deal. The absence of Keenan Allen wasn’t missed at all after Mike showed his true talent.

Mike Williams Chargers
Mike Williams Chargers

The iconic moment had kept the NFL world buzzing. Head coach Brandon Staley was impressed with the move and said, “You know Mike Williams, the reason we brought him back was that he’s an elite competitor, a big-time player, a primetime player. With Keenan being out, we knew that the coverage would be tilted to his side, we knew there would be a lot of rolled-up coverage to him, but he still produced. That’s the type of player he is, we gave him a bunch of opportunities today we were trying to be aggressive to get him the football, get him off to a good start. I really liked the way we featured him tonight and I thought he played a whale of a game.”

So, Williams has equally impressed the crowd and the teammates. It proves to be the perfect result of impeccable hand-eye coordination. Without a doubt, the unbelievable catch will be remembered in the history of the NFL forever. I hope you like the post. If so, drop your comment below.

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