What Is Chase Daniel Net Worth and For How Many Years Has He Been In The NFL?

William Chase Daniel represents more than a name to football fans; it evokes various feelings. There is no way a discourse about football can go on without mentioning Chase Daniel. You’ve come to the proper location if complete knowledge of Chase is what you seek. Let’s take a peek inside Chase Daniel’s net worth, career, early life and more details.

Chase Daniel Early Life

Chase Daniel was born on October 7, 1986, in Irving, Texas. For his high school education, he attended Carroll. From there, he continued his education at the University of Missouri. His parents, Bill and Vickie Daniel are very fortunate to have such a wonderful son.

His wife’s surname is Daniel. Thus, he married Hillary. This happy event in Chase’s life occurred in 2014. The happy news is shared by the lovely pair. Everyone gets along great and lives in the same house.

Chase Daniel Career

The Washington Redskins drafted Daniel in 2009, beginning his professional football career. His contributions to the team earned him high marks. The New Orleans Saints eventually signed him after realizing his potential. But he did make the team’s practice squad after years of struggling on numerous squads. In 2016, Chase lucked out and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles for three years. A $21 million contract was offered to him and he accepted.

Then he re-signed for another $10 million with the Chicago Bears. His impressive showing has earned him widespread praise.


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Chase Daniel’s Net Worth

Even though Chase Daniel has only had a handful of on-field appearances, his impressive skill has left an indelible imprint. If we consider his annual pay, it comes to about $5 million, and if we include his net worth, it comes to almost $16 million.

Chase Daniel Path For NFC North

Chase Daniel
Chase Daniel

Between the two years of the 2016 and 2017 seasons, Daniel only attempted one pass. But it was with the Chicago Bears that he enjoyed his most tremendous success as a professional football player. The Bears beat the Lions 23-16 on Thanksgiving, which was his third career start.

The Bears lost 30-27 in overtime to the Giants the week after Daniel returned to the starting lineup. After Mitchell Trubisky returned from injury, he resumed his starting position. Later that year, the Bears traveled to London and lost 24-21 to the then-Oakland Raiders, with Daniel starting at quarterback.

Daniel had a 1-2 record at the end of his Bears career, completing 98 of 140 passes for 950 yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions.

Although he didn’t start a single game during his time in Detroit during the 2020 season, he still passed for a career-high 3,060 yards and 13 touchdowns. He threw for 264 yards, a touchdown, and two picks for a 67.4 percent completion percentage.

Daniel NFL Contracts

Before being promoted, Daniel had made $265,000 while on the Saints’ practice squad in 2009. After that, he committed to a $1.2 million three-year deal, followed by a $1 million one-year extension in 2012.

Daniel, a free agent, agreed to a three-year, $10 million contract with Kansas City. He signed a three-year, $21 million contract with the Eagles after playing the previous three seasons with the Chiefs. While he made $11.1 million in salary for the year, he was released after only one season.

After being let go, Daniel signed back with the Saints and made $900,000 in salary that season. Then, he made a career detour to the NFC North, signing a two-year, $10 million contract with the Bears before moving on to the Lions. Daniel was signed to a three-year, $13.1 million deal with the Lions, but he was released after just one year. He earned $3.5 million in that season alone.

You can also read about other NFC players Warrick Dunn’s Net Worth and others related to the player’s early life and career.

Daniel was a member of the Chargers for the 2021 season after signing a one-year contract. Before becoming a free agent, the deal was worth $1.1 million. The Chargers have re-signed him to a $2 million one-year deal.

For How Many Years Has Chase Daniel been In The NFL?

Washington Redskins (2009)*, New Orleans Saints (2009–2012), Kansas City Chiefs (2013–2015), Philadelphia Eagles (2016), New Orleans Saints (2017), Chicago Bears (2018–2019), Detroit Lions (2020) and  Los Angeles Chargers (2021–present).


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