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Disney’s cartoon success Encanto family tree , which offers musical entertainment for the entire family, has rapidly become a household favorite. With such a broad diversity of people in the family tree, practically anybody can find someone to relate to in the heartwarming tale of an ordinary girl finding herself in her exceptional family.

The poignant story has won fans all around the world. The animated movie, which made its debut in November 2021, depicts the tale of the Madrigals, a family residing in an enchanted casita in a small Colombian community. The majority of the family members have magical gifts that they discover around the time of their fifth birthdays.

The sole exception is Mirabel Madrigal, who struggles with her fate and her family’s expectations throughout the film.

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Who are the members of the Madrigal family tree of Encanto?

The entire Madrigal family and their magical talents play a part in presenting the story, even though Mirabel is at the center of the touching tale.


Mirabel, the movie’s main protagonist, discovers that she is the only person in her family who is not endowed with a magical ability, which is when her adventure really starts. Mirabel may wind up being the most significant family member of all because she realizes there is more to life than just possessing magical skills, despite the fact that she feels excluded and doesn’t think she is exceptional.

Encanto Family Tree
Encanto Family Tree


While Isabela is the perfect child in everyone’s eyes thanks to her talent to manage plant life, Mirabel doesn’t feel valued at all.


Super-strong Luisa is the middle sibling in the Madrigal family, but throughout the film, her enormous muscles conceal her actual emotions.

Julieta and Augustin

The Madrigal parents are utterly dissimilar to one another. Augustin, Mirabel’s clumsy and commonplace father, wed into the magical family through Julieta, Mirabel’s gifted mother. Julieta, the local physician, has the ability to heal people through her cuisine.

Encanto Family Tree
Encanto Family Tree

Grandma Pepa and Uncle Felix

The aunt and uncle of the family provide another aspect to the Encanto story, mixing the mundane and the miraculous. Despite having Felix nearby to prevent her from losing control, Aunt Pepa has the power to influence the weather with her raging emotions.


Nosey Dolores can’t help but be privy to the family’s secrets because she has super hearing, which enables her to overhear everyone else’s ostensibly private talks.


With his amusing shape-shifting ability, which allows him to immediately transform into everyone else’s identical twin, the oldest son of the Madrigals, Camilo, could trick anyone.


Given the ability to predict the future,  Bruno is unquestionably the “black sheep” of the family.Bruno is expelled from the family due to his visions, and they don’t even talk about him until his genuine affections for them come to light.


Antonio, Mirabel’s closest relative and my youngest cousin, has the ability to communicate with animals. Antonio respects her despite the fact that she lacks magical talents and can teach him important things.


The family’s grandfather, who appears briefly in the film, actually played a significant role in the family’s survival before the plot began when he gave his life to help his family flee attackers.

Alma’s mother

Abuela Alma is Mirabel’s grandmother and the originator of the family’s magic.Above all things, the matriarch of the family guards her clan.

Encanto family tree
Encanto family tree

In Encanto Family Tree Why Pepa Can’t Forgive Bruno?

The collapse hinted at by the Madrigal family tree is highlighted, along with the saddest elements of Encanto, namely Mirabel’s connection with her sisters and Bruno’s absence in secrecy. The dining table, where the family all eats together, has a family tree hung over it.

Bruno utilizes a gap in the picture, which the audience learns afterward, to spy on his family and pretend he is having dinner with them. This is almost as depressing as Bruno’s hidden Spanish line. Given that it cuts through the tree trunk and that Bruno’s picture is the only one to occupy the trunk, the crack that runs across the family tree underlines the split in their relationship.

The gap in the wall that separates Bruno from them physically symbolizes how the entire family is torn apart and makes the Madrigal family tree appear much more depressing than it initially did. Additionally, every family member on the tree has an image that is quite colorful—all but Bruno’s—above their names.

The fact that Bruno’s picture has faded and is next to that of his sisters, where it contrasts sharply with their colorful images, only serves to emphasize the behind-the-scenes detail underscoring Bruno’s tragic disappearance. Since not just the younger generation but the entire family still has vibrant photos, Bruno’s faded image indicates that over time, everyone else’s pictures have been updated or fixed up.

Allowing Bruno’s image to fade denotes that the choice to let it vanish rather than erase it was made consciously. Being silent about Bruno and gradually deleting him from the family was easier than making a large effort to entirely remove him, therefore this is a physical indication that he was being purposefully forgotten about.


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Encanto Family Tree Plotline

Pedro and Alma Madrigal, a young married couple from Colombia with triplets Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno, are forced to leave their hometown due to violent strife. Pedro is killed by the assailants, but the torch of Alma miraculously wards them off and builds Casita, a sentient home for the family in Encanto, a mystical world surrounded by steep mountains.

The candle’s enchantment bestows “gifts” on each Madrigal descendent at the age of five, which they employ to benefit the villages, and fifty years later, a new hamlet flourishes under its protection. When Mirabel, Julieta’s youngest daughter, was 15 years old, Bruno, who had been maligned and used as a scapegoat for having the ability to predict the future, unexpectedly vanished ten years earlier.

Mirabel notices Casita breaking and the candle’s flame flickering on the evening that 5-year-old Antonio has the ability to talk with animals, but the others ignore her warnings because Casita seems unharmed to her. Mirabel decides to keep the miracle’s charm alive after overhearing Alma praying.

The following day, she speaks with her incredibly strong older sister Luisa, who admits to feeling overburdened by her nearly constant commitments and says that Bruno’s chamber, located in a forbidding tower in Casita, may explain the issue.

There, Mirabel finds a cave and escapes it with a few fragments of a slab of opaque emerald glass in her possession. Luisa finds that her gift is waning outside. Mirabel reassembles the glass and notices a picture of Casita shattering behind her when her family reminds her of the reasons why Bruno is demonized.

Isabela, Mirabel’s elder sister, would get engaged to her next-door neighbor Mariano Guzmán later that evening. Isabela has the power to make plants and flowers bloom at will. The night and Mariano’s proposal are ruined when the weather-controlling Pepa unintentionally summons a deluge while Dolores, who has superhuman hearing, tells everyone about Mirabel’s discovery during the awkward dinner and Mariano’s proposal.

Encanto Family Tree Trailer

The Disney canon now includes the endearing film “Encanto.” The 60th movie from the Disney Animation studio’s library is brimming with wonder and charm. Through elusive backstories, secret places, and a variety of seemingly random supernatural abilities, it reaches a very immersive degree of immersion.

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