Is Momoa Bonet Split? What About The Real Reason Why They Broke Up?

Following 16 years of marriage, Lisa Bonet, 54, and Jason Momoa, 42, announced their separation last week. Now, sources are providing light on what went wrong. The breakup wasn’t “overnight,” according to a Bonet insider, who spoke to People. The insider asserts that the celebrities “were fantastic for years, until they no longer were,” adding, “They have grown apart because of different focuses.”

According to the insider, “Jason was having trouble finding a job a few years ago. Today, his career is flourishing. As much as he can, he wants to continue working. Bonet, meantime, has expressed no desire to accompany Momoa anywhere. Living in Los Angeles is fun for her.

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Split Weeks Ago, Did Lisa Bonet Hint?

The “Aquaman” star and the “Cosby Show” alum’s relationship suffered, according to the insider, due to distance. “For some people, it might make their marriage stronger. Being separated has ruined Lisa and Jason’s marriage. The ex-spouses, who are the parents of boy Nakoa-Wolf, 13, and daughter Lola, 14, “will keep the peace” throughout the divorce, the source said.

The source claimed that the divorce will not be a controversial argument-filled split. They both have a strong sense of spirituality and faith in a higher power. Jason and Lisa worked because they were so different, a source at Us Weekly said in an interview with the magazine. While Lisa was always cool, calm, and understated, he was cheerful, noisy, and the focus of attention.

The insider stated, “Their desire to live distinct lives really started to generate friction. Jason yearned to experience more travel and adventure. Lisa prefers to stay in and read, compose poetry, and prepare meals.

Momoa shared a joint statement on Instagram last Wednesday in which she confirmed the breakup. They both wrote, “All of us have experienced the pressure and changes of these seismic times. Our family is not an exception to the transformation that is taking place; we are feeling the seismic changes and evolving as a result. Therefore, we inform our family that our marriage is ending.”

Continued the post, “We disclose this not because we believe it to be newsworthy, but rather so that we can live our lives honourably and honestly. The love we share endures and develops in the ways it wishes to be understood and experienced. We allow one another to be who we are growing into.”

Finally, the statement said, “Our commitment to our kids in this holy life is steadfast. demonstrating possibilities to our kids. Being a living prayer. J & L: May Love Win.” A few years back, Jason opened up about his connection with Lisa and shared how quickly he informed her he had a crush on her. He made light of the fact that he informed Lisa “certainly after the second baby came born” when promoting his show “See.”

Momoa Bonet split
Momoa Bonet split

This “Disaster” caused Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s marriage to end, and this is the Real Reason Why They Split Up

Fans are curious as to why Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet broke up after 16 years of marriage following the announcement of their surprise breakup. Bonet appears to have been making some subtle signals about the decision in an interview published just weeks before the former couple’s announcement, even though they privately withheld many specifics regarding the cause of their breakup.

After spending more than ten years together, Bonet secretly wed Momoa, with whom she has a daughter named Lola and a boy named Nakoa-Wolf. The ex-couple made their breakup public in January 2022. Bonet stated that she felt called to pursue “new” endeavours and discover how to be “authentically” herself in an Interview magazine piece that was published precisely a month before the couple declared they were parting ways.

In response to Marisa Tomei’s inquiry about what was “speaking” to the Spider-Man: Homecoming actress, the former Cosby Show cast member said, “Definitely learning how to be genuinely me, learning to be new, and following this invitation from the universe to wade into this river of uncertainty. It’s time to sink deeper roots into our own values now that we’ve eliminated all this extraneous noise.

Bonet continued by reiterating the remarks she and Momoa made in their joint announcement post, stating that she felt the “pressure” of the current times. We are all feeling the strain now that the change has undoubtedly arrived. If not, Bonet warned, “you’re in complete denial, and the more you fight it, the more you’ll suffer.

The world is in a state of collapse. Understanding the locations of empire and those archetypes within us is the personal job. Learning to be new in this new environment is the revolution’s internal component. Momoa and Bonet jointly declared their split in a post on the Game of Thrones actor’s Instagram account on January 12, 2021. We have all experienced the pressure and changes of these transformative times.

A revolution is taking place, and our family is not an exception. We are feeling and changing as a result of the seismic shifts taking place, they said in their statement. “And so, we inform our family of our decision to end our marriage. We share this not because we believe it to be newsworthy, but rather so that we can live our lives with honour and integrity.

According to their statement, “The love between us continues and evolves in ways that it wishes to be recognised and lived.” We allow each other to be who we are becoming adept at being. A letter to their children Lola and Nakoa-Wolf served as the ex-closing couple’s statement. “This sacred life and our children have our undying affection. Educating our kids. May Love Prevail J & L,” they concluded their letter with, “What’s Possible Living the Prayer.”

The Breakup between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet “Didn’t Happen Overnight” because they “Had Different Focuses”

Fans were shocked by Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s split, but a source tells PEOPLE the couple’s decision to call it quits wasn’t made “overnight.” After over 17 years of dating and five years of marriage, the couple announced their separation last week. This week’s edition quotes a close friend of Bonet who claims that the former couple “were fantastic for years, until they no longer were.”

The source claims that “they had grown apart because of different focuses.” According to the insider, who describes the 42-year-old Aquaman and Dune star, “The pair’s career trajectories have taken them in separate places,” “Jason was having trouble finding work a few years back. His career is currently thriving. And he desires to continue working as hard as he can.”

The 54-year-old ex-Cosby Show actress “has not had any desire in accompanying” Momoa “on every location,” the insider continues. She loves her life in Los Angeles, they claim.

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No, Lisa and Jason Momoa did not have an affair, and there is no evidence to support this as the cause of their divorce.They are “freeing each other to be who we are learning to become,” Jason wrote on Instagram, adding that their “love between us carries on.”

He wrote: He implied that the two had become distant during the pandemic.”These revolutionary times have made us all feel the pinch and the changes… An uprising is taking place, and our family is not an exception. the seismic shifts that are taking place, and developing as a result.

Final Words

An absurd rumour that Lisa gave Jason a curfew to keep him away from ladies is what led to the mistaken infidelity assumption. The unfounded allegations were made by an unnamed person who claimed that Jason was required to return home by a specific time.

This is untrue, and as far as we are aware, the couple has never experienced marital issues.It’s no secret that the Aquaman actor draws a lot of ladies, but any claims of infidelity are untrue.

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