A jury in Alex Jones on Trial Awards $45 Million More to Sandy Hook Parents!

The jury announced his decision on the compensatory damage. A student of Sand Hook School was kind in 2012, during the shooting, and Mr. Jones spread a lie by stating it was a prank. 

 Now Austin, Texas jury ordered him to pay $ 45.2 million as punitive damage to the parents o that child. This decision was announced after a day when his parents are awarded $ 4 million.

It was found that Mr. Jones spread out hoax theories about that shooting incident to defame victims’ families. The trial this week shows how much suffering the families pass because of Jones. The jury discussed four hours before announcing its verdict.

Cornel Law school said that Punitive damage is calculated on the value of the property, loss, and physical injury and is expensive. Rude behavior is also calculated and several awards are provided as compensatory. And this case was among many cases filed by the victim’s parents in 2018. This lawsuit was brought to court by Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, their 6-year child Jesse Lewis died during an attack in Newtown.

A jury in Alex Jones on Trial Awards $45 Million More to Sandy Hook Parents!
A jury in Alex Jones on Trial Awards $45 Million More to Sandy Hook Parents!

Mr. Lewis state that “This is an important day for truth, for justice, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Wesley Todd Ball, lawyer of the victims asked the jury that  “the ability to send a message for everyone in this country and perhaps this world to hear.”

“We ask that you send a very, very simple message, and that is: Stop Alex Jones,” he said. “Stop the monetization of misinformation and lies. Please.”

Actually, Mr. Ball demands to pay $ 146 million as punitive damage. Including 4 4 million awarded money. But Jones’s lawyer, F. Andino Reynal asked that the award be reduced to $ 1.5 million.

Mr. Jones thinks “the First Amendment is under siege, and he looks forward to continuing the fight,” Mr. Reynal stated. After this decision Maya Guerra Gamble also cleared Mr. Jones not to do anything else like this, it will be harmful to him. 

 The Texas case wanted to introduce wealth and shield. Benrad Pettingill Jr.a forensic specialist and professor at Florida Institute of Technology deposed this case for Mr. Heslin and  Mr. Lewis, that Mr. Jones is a successful man. Mr. Pettingill also said that he pay $ 6 million himself. 

Free Speech Systems said that he has $ 14.3 million in real estate and $ 1.9 in income. Aside from this, he had $ 11 million in product selling. Also, Mr. Jones had debts of $ 79.2 million. He borrowed a loan from PQPR and “using that note as a clawback to pay himself back,” Mr. Pettingill said, but in fact manager of the PQPR is Mr. Jones himself. It was a fraud company. Also, Mr. Jones targeted nine private Jones companies. 

“We can’t really put a finger on what he does for a living, how he actually makes his money,” he said. “His organization chart is an inverted T, which means everything flows to Alex Jones. Alex Jones made all the major decisions, and I think Alex Jones knows where the money is,” Mr. Pettingill said. “He can say he’s broke, he has no money, but we know that’s not correct.”

“I am asking you to take the bullhorn away from Alex Jones and all of the others who believe they can profit off of fear and misinformation,” Ball said to the jury. “The gold rush of fear and misinformation must end, and it must end today.”

Mr. Reynal, the lawyer for Mr. Jones, stated on Friday “we didn’t get any evidence as to what Alex Jones actually has today, we didn’t get any of what F.S.S. has today, what money they have, what assets they have to pay.”

“I got to look into his eyes and I got to tell him the impact his actions had on me and my family and not just us — all the other Sandy Hook families, all the people that live in Sandy Hook, and then the ripple effect that that had throughout the world,” she said. “That was a cathartic moment for me.”

She also said that Mr. Jones now realizes that Jesse is alive and present there. “I think he’s been punished,” she said of Mr. Jones. “I think he’s been held accountable, and I’m hoping he really takes this to heart because in the end love is a choice, and what he’s putting out there — lies, hatred — that’s a choice, too.”

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