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Smart Locks that Work with Ring Alarm and Ring Doorbell (UPDATED)

Ring does not manufacture a smart lock, although various smart locks are compatible with the ring.

When a smart lock is integrated with the ring, you can lock and open your door via the Ring app.

This is quite convenient since it allows you to unlock your door while seeing live video from your Ring Doorbell. Manage your lock without leaving the Ring application!

Best Smart Locks that Work with Ring

Ring Doorbell Schlage Lock

Some of the most secure locks on the market are manufactured by Schlage.

For the smart locks under consideration, Schlage is the sole manufacturer to produce a BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified Ring-compatible smart lock. The highest residential rating awarded to a lock is grade 1 BHMA/ANSI.

In addition, the Schlage Connect lock is equipped with an alarm. You may configure the alarm to inform you when the door is opened or closed. The lock may also sound an alarm if it detects tampering or excessive door vibrations caused by an attempted break-in.

The outdoor keypad of the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt lock has a touchscreen impervious to fingerprints. The touchscreen mustn’t display fingerprints so that others cannot see the numbers you press often.

The touchpad is a pressure-sensitive, resistive touchscreen that may be used even with gloves.

Once the Schlage smart lock is connected to Ring Alarm, you will utilize the Ring App to manage the lock. The Ring App may be used to lock and unlock the lock, generate and manage access codes, view use history, and check the battery level.

The Schlage smart lock can create up to thirty unique entry codes.

Connecting the lock to Ring Alarm allows you to correlate alarm actions to the door lock. For instance, you may simultaneously lock the door and arm the Ring Alarm.

The ring Alarm may also be deactivated when the smart lock is unlocked using a PIN code. This improves the Ring Alarm system as a whole.

Alexa may also be used to operate Schlage smart locks. Using your voice, you may lock, unlock, and determine the current condition of the lock. Ask Alexa if the front door is locked.

The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is one of the most secure locks available for the Ring Alarm. The ring has verified the gadget for compatibility with the Ring Alarm. This lock is ideal if you place a premium on security for your door lock.

Ring Door Lock
Ring Door Lock

Ring Doorbell Kwikset Lock

Kwikset is an incredibly popular lock brand that also produces excellent smart locks. The Kwikset SmartKey allows you to re-key the smart lock to match already-installed Kwikset locks in your house (smart or regular).

This makes Kwikset an excellent option if you want to use the same key for all of your home’s locks.

The Kwikset SmartCode 914 lock provides entry to your house through a 10-digit keypad. The 10-digit keypad utilizes physical buttons, simpler to operate when wearing gloves.

A keyboard is also perhaps more trustworthy than a touch screen. The lighted keys on the Kwikset keypad make it easy to see the numbers in the dark.

After connecting it to Ring Alarm through Z-Wave, you can control the Kwikset smart lock via the Ring app, similar to the other locks.

You can regulate the lock within the Ring app, manage access codes, and monitor use history. Kwikset permits the creation of up to 30 different Ring Alarm access codes.

The Kwikset 914 Smart Lock is grade 2 approved by ANSI/BHMA (rated 1-3 where 1 is the best). This lock is not as excellent as the Schlage lock (grade 1 certified), but it is better than most consumer-quality locks.

I prefer the Kwikset 914 above the popular Kwikset 888 Smart Lock, which is grade 3 certified due to its grade 2 certification (lowest rating).

Previous versions of Kwikset locks included vulnerabilities that have been patched in newer versions. These locks are designed to resist picking, bumping, and other lock-opening techniques.

Must check:

Ring Doorbell Yale Lock

Yale produces excellent locks, and the Yale Assure Lock is one of the most attractive smart locks available. Its contemporary and minimalist style is ideal for smart homes.

The Yale Real Living Assure lock employs a Touchscreen Keypad to unlock your door. The touchscreen keypad is lighted for nighttime usability.

The digital screen displays ten numbers, and the door may be locked by simultaneously pressing three fingers on the pad.

The Yale Ensures the absence of a key distinguishes the smart lock. The only method to unlock the door is using the keypad. This method is contemporary and complements the contemporary design of the lock.

After installing a smart lock, the key will likely never be used again. I can unlock my door with a key, but I haven’t done so in the past five years since I have a smart lock.

The absence of a key is also a valuable security feature. Without a key, a thief cannot pick or bump the lock to unlock it.

The Yale Real Living Assure Lock is certified as BHMA/ANSI Grade 2 compliant. Again, this is not as highly regarded as Schlage, but level 2 accreditation is superior to most household locks. This is a reliable lock for your front door.

After successfully connecting the Yale Assure lock to your Ring Alarm, you may use the Ring app to operate it. Up to 250 access codes can be generated for your Yale lock.

Like the other locks on our list, the smart lock can be locked and unlocked immediately using the Ring app. Additionally, you may generate new codes and track their usage within the Ring app.

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