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What’s Up With Virgin River Season 4 on Netflix? Alex Breckenridge’s Latest Update Is Positive

Virgin River fans were thrilled when the series was extended for a fourth and fifth season at the end of September 2021. Unfortunately, while the showrunner has hinted at potential storylines for Season 4, there has been no confirmation of a release date or information on production from the streamer.

Fortunately, star Alexandra Breckenridge has provided fans with a favorable update, indicating that Virgin River Season 4 may premiere sooner rather than later.

What Did Alexandra Breckenridge Have to Say About Season 4 of Virgin River?

While there are numerous new and upcoming romance television shows for viewers to enjoy while they wait for the return of Virgin River, there’s nothing quite like having your favorite series return with fresh new episodes that resolve riddles and pose new ones for us to consider.

Virgin River Season 4
Virgin River Season 4

This is the case for those of us anxiously anticipating Virgin River Season 4, and Alexandra Breckenridge, who portrays everyone’s favorite small-town nurse practitioner/midwife, Mel Monroe, has now provided us with this encouraging news via her Instagram Stories.

This update may seem insignificant for those unfamiliar with the production cycle of a television program like Virgin River. However, rest assured that Breckenridge’s announcement that she has completed her ADR for the forthcoming season is a very positive development.

This is one of the final steps of post-production, which means that Season 4 is complete and the principal performers have completed their work. Thus, we may see the series return at or around the same time Season 3 began.

If that is the case, we may see Virgin River Season 4 this summer, given that the last season premiered on Netflix on July 9, 2021. While it is still almost four months away, it will arrive before we know it.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Martin Henderson, Breckenridge’s co-star, went to Instagram approximately six weeks ago to announce that he was also nearing the conclusion of his work on the season, in a photo that featured him in a recording booth and appeared to be working on his own ADR.

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Whether we get Virgin River Season 4 this summer or later, it’s building up to be another fantastic season. A plot hole may mean wonderful things for Jack and Mel with all of Charmaine’s troubles.

The program appears to be on track to reveal critical information regarding two key cliffhangers while also delving further into one crucial character.

Virgin River is already available on Netflix, but check out the 2022 TV launch dates for other excellent entertainment and see what is coming to the streamer in the 2022 Netflix TV calendar!

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