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Release date for Knives Out 2 – When will Daniel Craig’s upcoming murder mystery film be released?

When will Knives Out 2 be released? We’re not done unraveling Rian Johnson’s twisted web yet, but we’re getting there. The murder of Harlan Thrombey may have been solved by The Last of the Gentlemen Sleuths Benoit Blanc, who could clear his nurse, Marta Cabrera, of any wrongdoing, but his work is far from done.

There will be a sequel to Knives Out, the detective film that had the globe wondering, “Where did Chris Evans get that really lovely jumper?”

After grossing $311.4 million worldwide on a $40 million budget, it’s no surprise that a sequel was approved; the film received more award nominations than a butterfly collector on a new net day.

While time has passed since the original Knives Out was released, there are likely many unanswered questions that you’d like to have addressed. But don’t worry, no one will be interrogated.

You don’t have to do any of the work yourself. This is what we know about the release date of Knives Out 2 and more.

Knives Out 2
Knives Out 2

What is the release date of Knives Out 2?

Netflix is expected to release Knives Out 2 in the fall of 2022. It was revealed in January 2020, just a few months after Rian Johnson’s great thriller entered theatres.

Benoit Blanc’s second film was originally slated to be distributed by Lionsgate, but that didn’t work out for the filmmaker. By spending $469 million, Netflix outbid Lionsgate to acquire rights to not one but two sequels, making this an Agatha Christie book twist.

On the Greek island of Spetses, production began in June 2020 and was completed in September of the same year.

What is the plot of Knives Out 2?

This is a puzzle! Is this a joke that’s been done to death? Sorry. Honestly, we don’t know. Johnson and the cast have been careful to keep the film’s secrets under wraps (for obvious reasons), but a few nuggets have slipped out.

Since we know Knives Out 2 is not a sequel to Knives Out, we can safely assume Marta and the obnoxious Thrombeys will not be returning.

Benoit will embark on a new journey in a brand-new standalone film. “Think of it just like another Hercule Poirot novel from Agatha Christie, so a whole new place, entirely new characters,” Johnson tells The Hollywood Reporter. Hope it’s not as bad as Death on the Nile!

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We can infer from the filming site that this mystery will be set in a more exotic area than the sleepy American east coast.

It’s unfortunate that changing the landscape won’t alter the darker tendencies of human nature, so we can only assume (but cannot confirm) that Benoit will be investigating another horrifying murder mystery.

Dave Bautista promised that the sequel would be even better than the first, a tantalizing tidbit from one of the film’s stars.

There is no doubt in my mind that it will surpass the first one,” Bautista said in an interview with People. As much as I don’t want to hurt anyone by stating that we’re going to improve, I truly believe this.”

Because the characters are more vibrant, I believe. This is going to be a big hit, in my opinion.”

The trailer for Knives Out: Is there one for Knives Out 2?

In a way, yes. Netflix has released a teaser for its upcoming 2022 lineup, but there is no official full-length video yet.

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