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Update on the Lost Ark: Release Date Status, Patch Notes, Abyss Raids, and More

The first significant update for Lost Ark is on the way! Lost Ark, the popular MMORPG that was eventually brought over from Korea, has been a major hit in the Western hemisphere.

While the combat is similar to Diablo and Path of Exile, the game is unlike any other MMO that has been seen before and has remained addictive ever since.

Because it was initially published in Korea in 2019, there is a plethora of fresh material that players in the West have yet to enjoy.

With that stated, here’s what players of Lost Ark can expect from the March update.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Release Date for the March Update to The Lost Ark

Although no release date has been set for the March update to Lost Ark, players should anticipate servers going down for maintenance at roughly 3 a.m. ET for a few hours before returning online with the new version.

Patch Notes for the March Update to Lost Ark

The devs have provided a preview of what’s to come in the new March update, and while this is not the whole patch notes, gamers may anticipate a roadmap shortly.

Here is what is currently known about Lost Ark’s March update.

An episode of the Story – Kadan

Players will have the opportunity to explore a new storyline, complete with quests, new islands, and dramatic moments.

The adventures will feature both new and familiar characters as players discover more about the Sidereals and look for the famous Kadan, the first Guardian slayer, on their quest to find the ultimate Ark.

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To begin, players must have finished Feiton and the following quests as a prerequisite for accessing the new end-game questlines:

Argos – Abyss Raid

Players will embark on a new end-game activity: Abyss raids, a first of its kind. As in Guardian raids, players will need to work cooperatively to slay a Guardian before the timer runs out, with the party having a limited number of revives available.

Eight players will face off against a Guardian in Abyss raids, but they are not your average Guardians.

Additionally, players must progress through three distinct phases to defeat their adversary. Thanks to new mechanics and attack patterns, the Guardian will become increasingly powerful throughout the three phases.

Each phase offers unique rewards that may be gathered once a week and require a different item level to participate. Finally, Argos will be accessible in large cities via the Abyss Raid Statue.

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