Splash Art for the Ashen Knight Pyke Skin as well as its price, release date, and where to purchase

The Ashen Knight Pyke skin has been revealed as one of the new League of Legends skins coming soon. At the moment, this is the only champion revealed for the skin line.

There is no splash art, though players can get a sneak peek at the PBE. There are four skins on the way, and this is the first.

Splash Art for Ashen Knight Pyke

At the time of writing, there is no splash art. The Ashen Knight skins are intended to replace the Hextech skins that were previously available. The first Seasonal Mythic will feature the Ashen Knight (each year, there will be new Seasonal Mythics).

The theme of Ashen Knight is described as “where ancient warriors once fought to rid the world of magic but instead saw their kingdom crumble into ash, darkness, and ruin.”

Ashen Knight

Pyke Skin Ashen Knight Cost

The price of Ashen Knight Pyke has not been confirmed yet, and will not be until the game goes live. The normal price, however, is 1,350 RP. It may be more expensive than the other skins in the line because it is the first.

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Release Date For The Ashen Knight Pyke Skin

Although the release date for Ashen Knight Pyke has not been confirmed, it is expected to arrive later this month in conjunction with League of Legends Patch 12.6, which is scheduled to release on March 30, 2022. Patches are typically scheduled every two weeks, but March will experience a slight delay.

How to obtain the skin of an Ashen Knight Pyke

The skin will be available to purchase in-game.

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