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The Release Date Status for Puzzle Quest 3 Has Been Announced and Pre-registrations Are Now Open

Puzzle Quest 3 Release Date

Puzzle Quest 3 is releasing on mobile devices on March 1st, according to developer Infinity Plus Two and publisher 505 games’ announcement. It would be one of its kind to launch on smartphones.

The revelation of the release date of the game which is only less than a month away comes with the chance to pre-register for the game to achieve a community aim long enough so that all players will receive prizes when the game launches.

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The launch on March 1st will be done with the early access release of the game on the PC platform by Steam.

Early Access and feedback

The developer and publisher revealed the announcement about Puzzle Quest 3 on Wednesday along with its trailer to exhibit the game, a part of its gameplay, and some more grounds on the plans for the launch.

The game itself was declared hardly a year ago when the makers said in January 2021 that Puzzle Quest 3 would be coming on PC and mobile devices.

Puzzle Quest 3
Puzzle Quest 3

The game was available in a limited version via Google Play Instant Access during that time, letting certain people play and describe it and give their output on the game. The CEO and creative head at Infinity Plus Two, Steve “Sirian” Fawkner said that they are very excited to finally launch Puzzle Quest 3 to players all around the world this spring and they are waiting eagerly to join us on the upcoming adventure in the world of Etheria.

He also said that it seems like just yesterday when they first declared PQ3 but that was an entire year ago. Since that time, they have made essential progress in its making due to their amazing crew members who gave critical feedback during the Google Play Early Access. So they have used the data from thousands of battles and millions of gems matched to set things just right.

Plans and Marketing

For the users who want to ascertain that they are well in time for the release of Puzzle Quest 3 and wish to reap some rewards before its launch, you can pre-register for the game. In a similar manner seen in the pre-launches of different mobile games, Puzzle Quest 3 makers are encouraging players to pre-register with promises like increasing amounts of currencies based on how many people register.

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The first record of 10,000 registrations is yet to be reached, but the game’s coming date and the pre-registrations chance were declared only today, so it is expected that the number would increase as the launch date comes closer. As observed in the trailer, a total 3D character maker that animates as they strike each other based on your hookup movements is also new for this entry. It seems amazing.

The five hero types that will be available when the game restarts are also illustrated in the trailer, although subtly namely Paladin, Berzerker, Shaman, Necromancer, and Assassin. As expected, there are schemes to broaden new categories and content to the game with time. Puzzle Quest 3 will launch on smartphones on March 1st, with the chance to reach an initial PC on the same day.

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