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Carnival Row Season 2 won’t release on Amazon Prime in Feb 2022

Are you set for more from the world of Carnival Row? The pause continues. Carnival Row is not releasing on Prime Video next month. There are many shows on Amazon which we are still awaiting. 2021 was a quiet year in terms of filming because it was affected due to the pandemic. But we are looking forward to 2022 being an amazing year for the big screen fans. Carnival Row is one such special.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for season 2 to release. It is not going to release in February 2022. It is not on the schedule of Prime Video shows to be released for the month. We have rechecked just for instance. Therefore we weren’t anticipating the release. This is a lucrative show for Amazon, so if it was going to release next month, we would have gotten a premiere date by this time. 

Carnival Row season 2 release date predictions

There is no news about the show yet. The last time anything came up, it was about that the shooting had ended, but that implies it is now in the post-production phase. A series like this will take some time for post-production. We should see that it comes out sometime in 2022. But it is possible to release it in the later half of this year. 

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We will be keeping you updated about it. We are expecting an early declaration for the release date. We already are aware when The Boys Season 3 and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will come out in spite of them releasing in the summer and fall.

Amazon expects us to be ready for certain shows and we are pinning our hopes that this is one of them. It is difficult to forecast the release of Carnival Row Season 2. Most reckon it is in its post-production period.

Is filming for the new episodes over?

Due to its early renewal in 2019, fans are hoping for Carnival Row Season 2 to release soon, but since the pandemic blocked filming last year, the series production had to endure many hitches. Production began in November 2019 but was paused in March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Carnival Row Season 2 won't release
Carnival Row Season 2 won’t release

But when the production crew restarted preparations to resume shooting in the first week of May, Amazon did not declare an official release date. Soon after it was known that the series was just three weeks from finishing the production that restarted in May 2021 in the Czech Republic to shoot the rest of the scenes which include Orlando Bloom who was not there last year because of the birth of his first child with Katy Perry.

It did not consume much time to wrap up the shooting, but it would take more time to finish the post-production segment for the highly praised show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in the month of February 2021, Tamzin Merchant, who portrays Imogen Spurnrose’s character in the show, divulged that only five of the eight total episodes were concluded.

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In September 2021, Orlando Bloom shared multiple photos and said goodbye to his character of Philo, ascertaining that shooting has ended for Carnival Row Season 2 but it is uncertain whether the show is finished or another season will come up. The official Twitter account of Carnival Row also posted the first view of set pictures to commemorate the last production day for Season 2, teasing Philo’s and Vignette’s return.

How many episodes will the new season have?

Similar to the first season, Carnival Row Season 2 will contain eight episodes. While Amazon has not shared the names of the episodes yet, we are aware who has written most of them. The first episode of the second season is based on a story by Erik Oleson who also gave the teleplay, Travis Beacham and Marc Guggenheim.

The second episode was penned by Sarah Byrd, third by Wesley Strick, fourth by Dylan Gallagher and Mateja Bozicevic and Episode 5 by Tania Lotia. It is probable that Amazon will share the names of the episodes some time before its release date. 

Cast for Carnival Row Season 2

Most of the central caste members from season 1 of Carnival Row are expected to make a comeback in season 2. Orlando Bloom portraying Rycroft Philostrate, Cara Delevingne as Vignette Stonemoss, Simon McBurney in the role of Runyon Millworthy, David Gyasi in the character of Agreus Astrayon, Tamzin Merchant playing Imogen Spurnrose, Andrew Gower playing Ezra Spurnrose, Karla Crome portraying Tourmaline Larou, Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear and Caroline Ford in the role of Sophie Longerbane.

On August 27, 2021 Deadline reported that Jaime Harris has been made a regular for Season 2 and will replay his character as Sergeant Dombey, the strict police officer in the neo-Victorian town who hates the increasing influx of alien fairies and pix, so he is expected to have a larger part in Season 2. New entrants like Alice Krige, Ariyon Bakare and Maeve Dermody will also join Jaime Harris, James Beumont and Waj Ali also feature in Season 2.

Carnival Row Season 2 plot

Amazon Prime Video has not given the official summary for Carnival Row Season 2. But based on the last part of Season 1, it is predictable that we will know more about the separation. In the final episode of the first season the government announced a separation plan to separate the mystical creatures from the other people.

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Aware of the fact that Vignette would be parted from him, Philo confronted that he is also partly a magical creature so he decided to be with her in the segregated region. Somewhere else, Agreus and Imogen took to a safer haven at the end of Season 1. But they refused to return when the officials ordered their ship to sail back.

Probably, Season 2 will show that the duo take on a more dangerous way where there are going to be hurdles ahead. Hopefully this storyline will merge with Philo and Vignette’s.

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