Suicide Squad Has Chances to Be Out or Not? Know Here!

About the Show’s Release

There is another Suicide Squad subsidiary series in the process, according to James Gunn’s statement on the next episode of Deadline’s Hero Nation. He told us that they are working on something different now, another TV show that is linked to that universe.

Besides, Gunn talked about another season of Peacemaker, which just released its 5th episode today. According to reports, Gunn has proposed HBO Max with the notion for another show based on one of the characters in Suicide Squad.

It is reported that the project is in rudimentary phases with nothing written or signaled but HBO Max is reportedly optimistic about it based on Gunn’s excitement for the idea.

About the Spinoff’s Story and Probable Character Portrayal

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HBO Max, when approached by Deadline, had no remark on either a Suicide Squad spinoff or the second season of Peacemaker. While Gunn did not firmly confirm either Idris Elba’s Bloodsport or Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn roles as the ones he is considering, it looks like the two stars and their schedules are too stuck for a TV series right now. But as we all know, it can change.

When questioned as to whether the next Suicide Squad series on HBO Max include Doctor Who alum and Suicide Squad actor Peter Capaldi, who portrayed the role of Thinker in the latest movie, Gunn giggled saying that he could not say anything and that it is linked to this universe and said that it will be different from the genre of Peacemaker but it will be in the same universe.

With respect to season 2 of the Cena HBO Max series, Gunn said that the show is doing amazingly well and they are excited and all like doing it.

Performance of the Film Editions of the Planned Show

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

Does Gunn have any guilt, as Patty Jenkins did with Wonder Woman 1984, about Suicide Squad going day-and-date in theaters and on HBO Max the previous summer? The critically praised and audience-loved movie ended up making $55.8M domestically and $167.4M worldwide at the box office as compared to the pre-pandemic phase of the 2016 movie which earned $325.1M domestically and $746.8M worldwide.

Gunn said that it has been borne out that things did not turn out the best but the procedure is working out incredibly well for him due to Peacemaker. He further added that he was not happy about Suicide Squad going to TV which happened during the absolute peak of the Delta variant of the coronavirus and it was a tough decision.

He said that he was really happy for the sake of Peacemaker since it got more subscribers for HBO and it went really well.

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Reason for Coming Up With Another Show

Peacemaker was planned by Gunn during the pandemic shutdown of 2020 as he was completing the edit of Suicide Squad. He revealed that he was starting to get monotonous due to the lockdown and was depressed.

He had extreme anxiety like many people during that time and he needed something to heal himself. That is how the show became the brainchild of Gunn because he needed something to comfort himself.


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