Voters Think Biden Is Making Inflation Worse…

This Article Contains All Details Related to the Inflation in the Us and the Voters’ View About President Biden’s Role in It. It Also Includes Results of a Survey of the Voters on Biden and His Policies.

Concern of Voters

Voters are concerned about inflation and it makes them think that the White House is responsible for its condition.

According to a poll when talking about the hike in prices, many people blame the administration of Biden for worsening the situation. Besides that, by a difference of 25 points, the voters think that President Biden and his proposed plan of social expenditure would increase inflation and by a difference of 6 points, they think it would impact the economy negatively. 

Democratic pollster, along with his Republican peer says, “One thing the president has going for him is low expectations. If the spending plans start to have positive impacts in people’s lives, maybe some will reconsider their view of Biden.”

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A survey by Fox News

The results of the Fox News survey on Wednesday showed the statistics of November that the yearly consumer price inflation increased by 6.8 percent in the US. This was the highest hike in the cost of a basket of goods and services since 1982. 4 out of 10 people think that the major problem faced by the economy is inflation.

It is more than double the number who say about the inequality of income. Less than 1 in 10 people talk about issues of the supply chain, shortages of labor, government regulations, or big tech monopolies.

Survey Results and Predictions

Two-thirds hold Biden’s leadership responsible for inflation and condemn the economic cycles. A larger and hardly equivalent majority of voters hold the pandemic responsible, the expenditure and regulations of the government, and the digging of company prices. According to the new survey, the increase in prices over the past six months has led to financial difficulties for two-thirds of voters.

Voters Think Biden Is Making Inflation Worse...

It increases to three-quarters for people of lower-income households. More than 8 out of 10 are extremely worried about inflation. This figure is more than those who are concerned about increasing crime rates in the US(77 percent), taxes(71 percent), federal deficit(69 percent), pandemic(68 percent), ability to pay bills(63 percent), and neighborhood crime(48 percent).

More than two to one, voters claim that the economic policies of Biden have affected them instead of helping them personally. This is greatly influenced by approximately two-thirds of Republicans saying they have been affected which is close to five times the number of Democrats who say the same thing.

In contrast, one-third of Democrats said that they had suffered from previous President Donald Trump’s economic policies in December 2018. Only 1 out of 6 voters think that they are in an improved condition financially than last year and a bulk consider their financial state negatively. This has been reversed since August when more than half said that their finances were in a positive stage. 

Economic and President Ratings

Three quarters rate the economy in negative and almost half say things will be worse in the following year. 1 out of 4 is hopeful that the economic condition of the nation will improve in 2022. Therefore the President’s ratings on the economy have gone down by 21 points from +6 in April. 

Concerning the performance of the President, it is under 40 percent on every issue, except one: coronavirus which is regarded by just under half of the voters. 6 out of 10 criticize the economy, crime, government expense, immigration, and taxes.

The overall rating of Biden is unfavorable with 47 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving. This can be considered as an improvement from the previous month when the ratio was 44-54 percent. Two-thirds of the voters expressed displeasure about how things are in the country indicating that discontentment has risen by 12 points since April. 

Shaw says, “Given where his ratings have been recent, I’m sure White House advisors would be pleased with an overall approval in the high 40s. But the specific policy ratings suggest the issue environment remains toxic, and that severely limits the potential for improvement in Biden’s standing moving forward.”

Results of Other Issues

About 6 out of 10 reject both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. When questioned about the choice in the 2022 congressional election, if they were to vote today, the majority would support the Republican candidate in their district over the Democrats by 4 points. One-third criticize the current labor shortages due to expanded government unemployment benefits and stimulus checks.

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Post that they view Covid health issues, low wages, vaccine mandates, and changes in lifestyles as causes for the lack of workers to fill open jobs. By a difference of 26 points, more Democrats than Republicans claim that the economy is in excellent/good shape. On their financial situation, the Democrats are 9 points more likely to consider their situation positively. 

For Democrats, the biggest concern of the hour is the pandemic, followed by inflation and crime rates. For Republicans, they are inflation, crime rates, and taxes. On the GOP list, the pandemic is next to last, just above neighborhood crime.

More than 6 out of 10 are concerned about paying their bills which has increased by 5 points since April. Views of independent people are bleak with 1 out of 10 saying they are financially well off than the previous year and 1 out of 5 anticipating that the economy will be healthy next year.

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