Tornadoes Flip Through Several States Including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee

On Friday, December 10, severe weather in the Mississippi Valley outperformed the potential for severe tornadoes, claiming lives and wreaking havoc from Arkansas to Illinois. Kentucky suffered the most casualties, with Governor Andy Besheer estimating that at least 70 people were killed on Saturday morning, and possibly more than 100 within the rest of the day.

Many of these fatalities occurred in Mayfield, a run-down town about 20 miles east of the Mississippi River. The Friday tornado may be the deadliest and most destructive to the nation in a decade, surpassing the May 22, 2011 EF5 in Joplin, Missouri.

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By Saturday morning, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center had classified at least 33 tornado reports. This figure may decrease over time, as some reports come from a single tornado or multiple that impacted four states, including western Kentucky.

If the tornado kills more than 100 people, it will be one of the 15 deadliest deaths in history, with 4,444 people killed. Aside from the major tornado season, which runs from March to June, no tornado in the United States has killed more than 80 people.

Damages Made as Tornadoes Flips Through the Several States

The majority of the damage on Friday night was caused by just two hurricanes. One swept through the northern part of Missouri and Illinois’ St. Louis metropolitan area. The camera’s first tornado was rated at least EF3, and it hit a heavily damaged section of Amazon’s massive fulfillment center in Edwardsville, Illinois, approximately 100 people were imprisoned as heavy equipment was deployed at the site.

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A nursing home in Monette, Arkansas, was severely damaged, resulting in the death of at least one resident. Several people were killed at a candle factory in Mayfield when a tornado struck about 110 employees. Survivors reported that employees were hiding when the tornado struck.

The QuadState event was well predicted and foretold, returning to the High-Risk Zone declared by NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) the day before, warning of a violent tornado on Friday.

More Information as Tornadoes Flip Through

A powerful, long-lasting supercell tornado about 100 miles to the south produced one or more tornadoes that spanned more than 200 miles along with the majority of their path. This event has already been dubbed the QuadState Storm.

This is due to the Supercell’s apparent tracking as it moves across Lake Kentucky and Lake Barkley, from northeast Arkansas to southeast Missouri, then to northwest Tennessee and western Kentucky.

The QuadState supercell’s thunderstorms displayed the most powerful fingerprint tornadoes meteorologists had ever seen on radar. Bolt debris up to 37,000 feet high and pixelated wind contrast, arguably one of the largest records in the history of the National Weather Service’s Doppler radar, are among them.

A tornado storm vortex lasts more than four hours and travels more than 200 miles. While this signal does not guarantee a long-lasting tornado path, it does indicate the possibility of one or more extremely long-lasting vortices.

Mayfield’s radar data and initial damage reports, in particular, indicate that the EF4 is very likely to be damaged. NMS storm crews will need several days to fully comprehend the difficult path left by this powerful tornado or tornado family.

A well-built home that is collapsing from its foundations and being demolished is one of the signs of EF5 damage. Although slabs have already been discovered in Mayfield, the surveyor must determine whether the destroyed building was well-built and well-anchored to check for EF5 damage.

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