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Who is Cordell M Howze and Why Did He Go to Jail?

Who is Cordell M Howze

Who is Cordell M Howze

First-degree reckless homicide and habitual criminal and weapon charges were filed against Cordell M Howze. On February 26th, 2019, the body of Cashay Henderson, a black trans woman was discovered in her Milwaukee, Wisconsin apartment.

The last time we saw Howze was two days before Henderson died, he was behind bars and he has been charged with her murder. A criminal complaint states that she was found unconscious with a gunshot wound in her apartment by the Milwaukee Fire Department while they were responding to a fire.

As per Abcnews reports, The manner of her death was determined to be a homicide after an autopsy revealed that she was multiple gunshot wounds to her head and neck.

Who is Cordell M Howze?

The 33-year-old man resides in Neenah, Wisconsin. The charges against Cordell M. Howze include first-degree reckless homicide, habitual criminality repeater and use of a dangerous weapon which includes possession of a firearm by a felon.

Who is Cordell M Howze

He could face up to 85 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. The Milwaukee Police Department said in a statement:

His arrest represents one step forward in delivering justice to Cashay and reassuring the community especially the LGBTQIA+ community that MPD is committed to serving all persons inclusively. 

The Milwaukee Police Department sends our condolences to Cashay’s family and loved ones, the LGBTQIA+ community and all members of the public that were impacted by this tragic incident.

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