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Who is Anthony McRae the Shooter of MSU University?

Who is Anthony McRae

Who is Anthony McRae

Anthony Dwayne McRae is a 43-year-old man resident of Lansing who is the suspect in the shooting at Michigan State University which claimed the lives of three students and injured five others, he is a five-foot-four male.

As per the reports of, A law enforcement official with knowledge of the situation said that after hours of leading police on a manhunt, McRae shot himself in the head as they closed in. A gun was found at the scene and another was discovered in a backpack along with ammunition.

Authorities are currently investigating McRae’s online presence for evidence of radical ideology, such as misogyny, satanic ideas, conspiracy theories or signs of social isolation. McRae pled guilty in 2019 to a weapons charge for having a loaded weapon in his vehicle and received 18 months of probation.

Who is Anthony McRae

According to a statement released by A law enforcement official on Tuesday (February 14, 2023), McRae had a note in his pocket that indicated a threat to two Ewing Public Schools and an investigation revealed that McRae had a history of mental health issues.

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On the basis of the available information, John Cohen, an ABC News contributor stated that

This appears to be yet another in a growing list of angry, isolated, socially disconnected individuals who ultimately decided that violence is an appropriate way to express their anger at society and their personal existence.

Cohen speculated that red flags should have been raised about the suspect’s online and offline behavior at various points in the past. The names of the victims, who were all college students were released by Michigan police on Tuesday(Feb. 14, 2023) afternoon.

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