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Who is Gypsy Crusader and Why Did He Go to Jail?

Who is Gypsy Crusader

Who is Gypsy Crusader

American far-right political commentator, streamer, white supremacist, former Muay Thai fighter and convicted felon Paul Nicholas Miller (born August 11, 1988) better known as Gypsy Crusader is the man behind the online persona.

His most well-known live streams include him cosplaying figures like the Joker, the Riddler, Mario and others while discussing politics with complete strangers on the website Omegle. He has gained notoriety for his support of racism, white supremacy and neo-Nazi ideology. Several far-right and alt-right groups, such as the Proud Boys and the Boogaloo movement, have linked him to their cause.

Paul Miller’s Career in the Ring

Paul Miller’s Career in the Ring

Miller started learning Muay Thai in 2008 when he was 20 years old. In 2008, after only three months of training, he engaged in his first amateur bout. Before joining The Institute, he studied Muay Thai with the 9 Weapons. He competed in the World Kickboxing Association and won both the Light-Heavyweight and US National Championships. After that, he started working as a coach and trainer, including at The Institute.

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Miller stated that George Floyd’s Death Protests were Illegal

Miller claimed in 2020 that no one has the legal right to demonstrate against George Floyd’s death. According to reports, he was also involved in the Boogaloo movement and hid his identity under a Boogaloo mask on May 31, 2020.

Miller went to a Trump rally where he yelled “Heil Hitler” at a black woman with a “Black Lives Matter” placard and then called another black woman a “chimp.” Miller afterward drove by an East Brunswick, New Jersey Black Lives Matter march, when he repeatedly yelled, “Nigger lives don’t matter,” at the crowd.

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Miller and another man who was not named videotaped themselves threatening a black man in 2021. Miller ordered the man to “Get the fuck out of here” and threatened to “kick [his] ass” with his pal. In addition to calling the man a “nigger” and telling him he was in the “wrong neighborhood,” he called the man a number of other derogatory names.

Accusations of Drug Possession and Assault

Accusations of Drug Possession and Assault

Miller was 18 when he was arrested for aggravated assault in 2006. Because of his not-guilty plea, he avoided jail time. Miller was taken into custody in 2007 on suspicion of cocaine possession and sale. He was put on probation for 4 years after serving 180 days in jail.

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