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Who is Boxxy and What Happened with Her?

Who is Boxxy?

Who is Boxxy?

Social Media personality Catherine Wyane came in limelight in 2009 as a YouTuber. From these videos, she was also known as Boxxy, who wear always thick eyeliner. After her videos, famous people called her Boxxy, and even her fan commented on one of her videos,  “[Boxxy] made the way for e-girls. She ran so e-girls could walk.” As you know Tube is like another career option for teenagers.

Where she is now? Confirm here everything about this youtube girl. 

Who is Boxxy?

Catherin Wayne is an American vlogger born in 1992 in California. She start her online career in 2008 and aired two videos, later they were aired on the site. But with her third video which she uploaded on her channel Boxxybabee in 2009, she get popularity. Unfortunately, once her channel was hacked and her identity was opened.

Then she started another eBayshoping where she sold Boxxy items. In 2011 she made another third account Bodaciousboxxy where she start uploading her videos. She also hosted the Animalist series Discovery Digita Networks from 2013-2014. In 2017, Marsha’s character was voiced by her at Disney XD’S Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer. 

Who is Boxxy? What happened with Her?

What happened with Boxxy?

When she decided to say bye to her youtube followers after nine years of her career, and later opened a new channel ANewHopee stated the reason behind her closing her old channel. She said that after finishing her hosting job she decide to connect with her channel full-time. 

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“During my time out there [at Discovery] I put out 300 videos with them that I wrote and starred in,” she said in June 2017. “And once my contract ended, I had every intention of coming back to this channel to make more YouTube videos.” She has 51.7 million followers on the Boxxybabee account, 24 million at ANewHopee, and 1.9 million on Bodaciousboxxy. 

“But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much money it would cost to invest in a new camera, a microphone, and better lights,” she continued. “And all of this other stuff that would have been worthwhile if YouTube was what I wanted to do but it’s not.”

She wanted to become an actress if she was not chosen youtube as a career. Her Instagram account is @boxxybabee and her Twitter account is @catiewayne. But she has not posted new images or videos on both accounts since 2021.

According to her bio, she is, a “Voice lady. YouTube has-been. Person respecter. Animation lover. Animal person. No, not an animal-PERSON you know what the f*** I meant.”

So now clear everything about the Boxxy characters which was a creation of a girl. To know more about What Happened to Brooxy you can also check it here. If you are one of the followers of Boxxy read this post. Also, bookmark our site for more updates. 

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