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Why Darren Watkins Arrested? A Famous Youtuber With More Than 10 million Subscriber!



In 2016, Darren Watkins began uploading videos to YouTube; as of now, more than 10 million people are subscribers to his channel. People all across the world have praised him for his talent and attractiveness.

For his YouTube channel, Watkins used to provide instructional and gaming videos for NBA 2K that viewers enjoyed. Recent trending topics on TikTok and other social media platforms include his reaction videos to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

IShowSpeed appeared to be arrested by law enforcement officials while filming a live stream for his YouTube channel, Dexerto reports. The content creator has gained popularity for his gaming live streams on YouTube, where he has amassed millions of subscribers.

The YouTuber, who’s not shy of controversial moments on social media, went viral after setting off fireworks inside his room on July 4. And now he’s all over Twitter after police officers interrupted his live stream. There has been no official statement on the incident so far.

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Who is Darren Watkins?

YouTube star and streamer with 10.5 million subscribers, IShow Speed is the actual name Darren Watkins Jr. The 17-year-old celebrity is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and became well-known online for broadcasting gaming content. In addition to having more than two million Instagram followers, he is also known for his material on TikTok.

Darren Watkins Arrested

While Viewing Live-Stream, Darren Watkins seems to be Arrested

In a video posted on his YouTube account this week, Darren Watkins appeared to have been taken into custody. Although its veracity hasn’t been established, the video purports to show the content creator in handcuffs and surrounded by police.

Dear God, brother! I vouch for my innocence. I didn’t do anything. In the popular video, the streamer can be heard shouting, “Oh my gosh! The camera is eventually turned off after a police officer instructs the cameraman to stop recording a video. HITC has contacted Cincinnati Police Department and Darren Watkins for comments.

Darren Watkins Jr. was detained after making fictitious phone calls.

A recent video of rapper Darren Watkins Jr.’s arrest was posted to YouTube by the FaniTizer channel. He was handcuffed by numerous police officers before the feed had to be interrupted, and now he is being charged for swatting during it. He allegedly faked a phony 911 call on Livestream, prompting Cincinnati police to detain him.

When Darren Watkins swatted someone during a live stream, it was interrupted and he was handcuffed. His supporters have been calling for his release on Twitter ever since the news broke, and the hashtag #freespeed is currently trending.

The video shocked the audience

Following the live-stream footage, several of IShowSpeed’s fans were shocked, and many were curious as to what had become of the YouTuber following the alleged arrest. One Twitter user wondered incredulously, “Darren Watkins arrested or what?”A different person questioned, “Why is my boy Darren Watkins getting arrested?”

Another person commented: “People claiming it’s fantastic that IShowSpeed got arrested are such nasty people.”

Is Darren Watkins Jr., also known as IshowSpeed, in prison?

According to the leaked YouTube video, Darren Watkins Jr. is reportedly being taken into custody by police. Currently, the internet is flooded with videos of his arrest. The main cause of his imprisonment was a video showing him making hoax calls to police officers.

The creator of the video hasn’t updated his Instagram in the past three days. Internet speculations state that he is currently being held in custody and facing charges as a result of what he did. There were reports that he had been detained a few months back, but there was no evidence to support them at the time.

According to the Internet footage that surfaced, he belongs to the Cincinnati Police Department. None of the parties, however, have confirmed that the information is accurate. The majority of his fans are still unsure of whether this is accurate or if he was simply making fun of them.

According to the leaked YouTube video, Darren Watkins Jr. is reportedly being taken into custody by police.

What Does Darren Watkins Jr. Being Accused of Swatting Mean?

Due to his latest attempt to con a rescue agency, Darren Watkins Jr. could face swatting charges. Swatting is the practice of using a phony phone number to report major crimes to the police or fire department. Darren Watkins Jr. appears to be being taken into custody by police in the stolen YouTube footage.

It is associated with the practice known as “doxing,” which occurs when someone’s home address and other private details are gathered and distributed to harass or endanger them, frequently online.

It carries a significant danger of violence and might land the city or county in hot water if something goes wrong and they are forced to utilize tax dollars to handle a phony claim of a big law enforcement emergency.

It appears that Darren Watkins Jr. is being apprehended by authorities in the stolen YouTube video. For example, a false report of a significant law enforcement emergency—such as a bomb threat, murder, a false mental health emergency, or a hostage situation—can be the source of this.

Swatting criminals can employ a variety of techniques, including phone phreaking, TTY, social engineering, changing the number displayed on caller ID, and hoax calls. Lying to emergency personnel is illegal in many jurisdictions, and offenders are frequently subject to fines or imprisonment.

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