When Will Dorothy Wang From Bling Empire Turn 35?

On January 27, 1988, Dorothy Wang entered this world. Dorothy attended the University of Southern California after being born and raised in Beverly Hills. She has a net worth of one billion dollars. Roger Wang her father runs Golden Eagle International Group as its CEO.

In total, she has appeared in three programs. Dorothy has appeared in films like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Famously Single and the original Bling Empire.

What is the Age of Dorothy Wang?

On January 27, 2019, Dorothy Wand will turn 35 years old. She recently appear as the cast in Bling Empire. She has a jewelry line called Fabuluxe as well as a champagne label called Rich and Bubbly and she works as a licensed real estate broker for the firm The Agency.

Dorothy Wang
Dorothy Wang

Dorothy has been in the entertainment industry since 2014 when she first appeared on the first season of Erich!’s Kids of Beverly Hills. She has also been featured on shows such as the Steve Harvey Show, Fetch Me a Date, ET, Clevver Now, the Closet Envy episode of E! News, Bethenny and Hollywood Today.

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How Did Dorothy Wang Become Popular on Instagram?

Dorothy Wang is a multimillionaire TV star who has appeared on hit American reality shows. She gained 1 million Instagram followers after her reality show appearances helped boost her profile’s visibility. Her bio reveals that she is a wanderlust who enjoys updating her followers with tales from her travels.

She tells her followers about everything interesting she sees and does on the road and she often gives them useful advice about how to improve their own travel experiences as a result. You can see more of Dorothy Wang’s Instagram posts on her official page.

She hopes that her Instagram followers and friends will be able to make the most of their own travel experiences by following the advice and suggestions she has provided. In addition, Dorothy made headlines on January 20, 2023 when she was added to the cast of the new Netflix series Bling Empire: New York.

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