What is Callie Haverda Age? Know About Her Personal Life and Body Stat

Do you know what is Callie Haverda age? American actress and singer Callie Hope Haverda is widely admired for her 2017 breakthrough role as Lala Marks on the hit television series Closed Eye. Eight complete scenes make up the whole thing. She has also been on television in a number of dramas, including Dolly! (2017), The Lost Husband (2020) and See Plum Run (2018). In addition, she has experience in the field of theatre for the expressive arts.

She enjoys other performing arts as well, particularly dance and music. She is comfortable in front of the camera and enjoys performing for an audience. She is so appreciative of her parents that they have granted her every wish, no matter how unlikely.

Callie Haverda Age

Callie Haverda Age: No information regarding Callie Hope Haverda’s actual birthday can be found online. Her résumé indicates that she will be 15 years old in the year 2022.

Callie Haverda’s Physical Stats

If you are interested in learning about Callie Haverda’s physical attributes including her height, weight and body measurement continue reading!

Private Life of Callie Haverda

Private Life of Callie Haverda
Private Life of Callie Haverda

Do you want to know more about Callie Haverda? Where she was born who her parents were and what her hometown is like? You’ll find it all in the details that follow.

Netflix’s That ’90s Show Features Callie Haverda in a Leading Role

Netflix's That '90s Show Features Callie Haverda '25 in a Leading Role
Netflix’s That ’90s Show Features Callie Haverda ’25 in a Leading Role

Fans of That ’70s Show were ecstatic when Netflix announced That ’90s Show in 2021, as it will feature both the original cast and a fresh group of young actors playing their counterparts in the summer of 1995. Callie Haverda ’25 is one of the new cast members, and she plays the major role of Leia Forman in the That ’70s Show spinoff.

Haverda got her start in the business early on, inspired by the performing careers of her older siblings. Now she can add That ’90s Show to her list of famous film roles, which already includes Hulu’s Shut Eye and Netflix’s The Lost Husband.

Haverda claimed, “I’ve been acting since I was six.” My two older brothers and sister also had acting careers before I did, but they aren’t active in the industry any longer. Until I was mature enough to make the choice for myself, my parents strictly forbade me from performing. When my sister’s agency submitted me for a commercial, I virtually begged the producers to let me do it, and when they finally agreed, I was hooked.”

Haverda a longtime viewer of That ’70s Show found the casting call for That ’90s Show immediately intriguing. She felt an instant connection to the role of Leia Forman and the show after learning more about it.

“I’d always been at a loss as to where I wanted my career to go, but after reading about the show and meeting the character of Leia, I immediately fell in love with it and really connected with the work as a whole.” Actually, my friend found out about the audition before I did and asked me, Oh my god, have you gotten this? In a very real sense, this is you. Also, I felt like I was reading about myself when I read the character description.

Right now, Haverda may be found in California working on episodes of That ’90s Show. She has had to learn to juggle her acting career, her friends and family, and her studies as she has moved around for it. Haverda is continuing her education by attending classes online, and she is able to keep in touch with her friends wherever they may be.

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