Is the News of Kate Bosworth Divorce True or It is Only a Rumour?

Do you want to know about Kate Bosworth divorce? The full name of Kate Bosworth is Cathy Anne Bosworth (born January 2, 1983) American actress. She had supporting roles in The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Remember the Titans (2000) before breaking out as a young surfer in the smash hit Blue Crush (2002).

She also appeared in a couple of indie films, Wonderland (2003) (as Dawn Schiller) and Beyond the Sea (as Sandra Dee) (both about Bobby Darin) (2004). Superman Returns (2006), Straw Dogs (2011), And While We Were Here (2012) and Still Alice (2014) were among the other films in which she appeared (2014). Both Before I Wake (2016) and The Domestics starred her in terrifying roles (2018). Most recently, she played the role of KC in the Netflix sci-fi miniseries.

To whom Kate Bosworth was Married?

Bosworth was accepted to Princeton in late 2000, but her acceptance was withdrawn after she repeatedly postponed starting classes. Currently, she is serving with the Appalachia Service Project. She dated actor Orlando Bloom for three years, beginning in 2002 and ending in 2005.

In the middle of 2011, she started dating American director Michael Polish, who had directed her in Big Sur earlier that year. They made their engagement public in August 2012 and tied the knot on August 31, 2013 in Philipsburg, Montana. She finally ended her relationship with the Polish in August of 2021. Jasper is Polish’s daughter from a previous marriage and Bosworth is Jasper’s stepmother.

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She practises the teachings of Nichiren and Mahayana Buddhism through her affiliation with Soka Gakkai International. She keeps a meditative routine alongside her love of running and Pilates. Since Bosworths’ grandparents had Alzheimer’s, the book Still Alice struck a chord with her. She got in touch with the writer Lisa Genova and wound up playing one of the film’s supporting characters. Bosworth was rumoured to be dating actor Justin Long as of January 1, 2022.

Why did Kate Bosworth divorce her husband?

After almost a year of separation, which Kate Bosworth announced in August 2021 after filming Blue Crush, she and Michael Polish have filed for divorce. On Friday, July 15 Bosworth officially divorced the screenwriter in Los Angeles County Courts.

The two started dating in 2011 and they eventually got married in August 2013. The actress announced via Instagram that they had split up eight years later. With this decision to part ways our hearts are full, Bosworth wrote. We have never been so enamoured and deeply grateful for one another.

Kate Bosworth Divorce
Kate Bosworth Divorce

Over the past decade, Michael and I have consistently made the decision to put our love for one another first. We’re still holding hands as tightly as we did on our wedding day. They did not have any joint offspring. However, Polish and makeup artist Jo Strettell have a 23-year-old daughter together named Jasper. Stepmotherhood, Bosworth told Flaunt in March 2020 was hands-down the greatest unexpected gift of her life.

Jasper, who was 13 when she met Bosworth, calls her stepmother Madre. In January 2022, it was confirmed the long-running rumours that the Superman Returns star was dating Justin Long, months after the rumour first surfaced on social media. A source at the time told us, “They’ve been dating for a few months now.” They’ve taken a few getaways together in secret. Each of them has a passion for exploring new places.

The source also noted that the couple is not hiding the fact that they’re together, but is instead just staying low-key and private about their relationship. In May 2021, while filming a movie together, Bosworth and Long then first sparked romance rumours. In the same month, the He’s Just Not That Into You star was the recipient of a heartfelt Instagram shoutout from the I-Land alum, who accompanied the post with several s*xy photos.

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In November of 2021, the two were caught kissing in Long’s hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut suggesting that their relationship was heating up. Also in that same month, they were observed in Massachusetts. Both actors have been coy about their relationship, but in December 2021, the Accepted star admitted on his “Life is Short” podcast that he has a girlfriend who shares his passion for the divisive pairing of pineapple and pizza.

Funny, my girlfriend just said that. She shares my enthusiasm for pineapple, Long remarked. Nobody I’ve ever dated liked pineapple on pizza. Bosworth has been tight-lipped about the ingredients she likes on her pizza, but in 2013 she reportedly told that she lived on the Italian staple before her wedding to Polish.

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