Harper and Robin Divorce: Does Candace Obtain a Doctorate?

Harper and Robin Divorce: The “Harper and Robyn Divorce” and all you need to know about The Best Man’s finale and what happens to the rest of the characters will be covered in this article. As a result, if this interests you, please continue reading.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters, which follows eight episodes full of highs and lows in terms of drama and appreciated comedic moments, wraps up the story of the people we’ve known for 23 years. In a nod to how the original The Best Man ended with the friends dancing at Lance (Morris Chestnut) and Mia’s (Monica Calhoun) wedding to Cameo’s “Candy,” the actors danced their way through the end credits of the series finale.

While the show’s dance scene brought back some memories for viewers, the last episode was a farewell to each character, ushering them into the sunset of their respective metaphors. But where exactly did everyone go?

What transpires regarding Quentin and the Spivey business? Is Lance’s next great love finally found? (Terrence Howard) Did Jordan (Nia Long) and Harper (Taye Diggs) end up together in terms of romance?

Harper and Robin Divorce

The biggest unknown coming into The Final Chapters was whether Harper and Jordan would end up together. It certainly seemed possible, given the tumultuous marriage between Harper and Robin (Sanaa Lathan) in the second half of the season. The predicament got so terrible that Harper and Jordan had a wild night and kissed, giving fans hope that #Hordan or maybe #Jarper was imminent.

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But after Harper and Robin went through with their divorce, he did run into Jordan for a stroll in the park. As they stopped and chatted by the lake, the latter admitted that, despite Harper being adorable, she cannot act as his “soft spot to land.” She continued, “He won’t get over his divorce for a very long time, so I can’t wait for him to get over it.”

By kissing her and leaving any prospective romantic future to chance, Jordan offered a glimmer of hope. Will Harper and Jordan eventually start dating? Not quite.

In the series‘ climactic moments, which occur two years after the first episode’s events, the gang has assembled to celebrate Harper’s most recent literary achievement (Robin is missing). Although there is no indication that he and Jordan are dating, it is clear that they are still close.

Does Candace Obtain A Doctorate?

Another miraculous thing happened when the team was on the island for Quentin’s wedding. According to Candace (Regina Hall), alternative medicine aroused her interest. She channeled the intense excitement she had grown out of this curiosity into pursuing a doctorate.

Harper and Robin Divorce
Harper and Robin Divorce

She regrettably ran across a professor she felt did not support her thesis, leading her to see Dr. Temple (Michael Genet). Dr. Temple first seemed like a helpful resource for her academic endeavors, but in the second half of the show’s season, he ended up harassing her s*exually.

After the late-night office encounter with the professor, Candace seemed to depart the institution. In reality, the audience doesn’t find out whether she earned her degree until the music starts to end the conclusion. She received her degree and was featured on the “The Women Who Spoke Up” cover of New York Magazine.

Does Lance Proceed Past Mia?

Mia’s persona significantly impacted Lance even though she wasn’t often physically present in the episode. He initially tried to deal with her death by sleeping with more women than he should have, but his friends reprimanded him for this coping strategy. Then, with Quentin’s upcoming wedding just around the corner, he met Jasmine against the backdrop of a tropical island (Yvonna Pearson).

The instant Lance set eyes on her. He was smitten. When they initially met, she was engaged to someone else, which was terrible for him. Lance could see Jasmine from a distance and follow her. It takes his accidentally contacting her on social media for the two of them to rekindle their friendship.

The event honoring Lance’s jersey retirement is when the two finally come face to face after meeting on the island. People could see she was genuinely excited to go, even though she said it was only a coincidence that she worked at the same hotel where the event occurred. After some lighthearted banter, he even introduced her to his children.

The viewer can see a substantial engagement ring on Jasmine’s finger when The Final Chapter reaches its finale, indicating that the two are on their way to the altar.

Does Quentin Offer To Sell Spivey Corporation?

As the series goes on, Quentin increasingly assumes control of the day-to-day operations of the family business (the Spivey hotel properties). He even expanded the hotel chain to include Paris. Sadly, the hotel in Paris quickly collapsed because of the global COVID pandemic. The business as a whole suffered as well and was at risk of failing.

Quentin received an excellent offer to buy the Spivey hotel properties. His father, who had to approve the arrangement, disagreed with his approval of the bid. The elder Spivey was pleased to have built the company from scratch. Therefore he didn’t want to sell it to anyone else.

Because of the two’s impasse and Quentin’s father’s apparent battle with Alzheimer’s disease, the company’s future became uncertain. After the episode, it is still unknown what The Spivey family would do with the buyer’s offer. The father-and-son team presumably decided against selling, though.

Quentin was deeply moved by his daughter and father’s sharing of personal anecdotes and hotel backgrounds. He felt enough emotion to understand that no amount of money would be able to convince him to sell.


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