Who is Uncle Howdy and What Happened With Him In Smackdown On Friday?

You can read here about who is Uncle Howdy. Uncle Howdy made his debut on the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown. It is likely that the grotesque Night King-like character will play a significant role in the establishment of the Wyatt 6. It is widely believed that Uncle Howdy is Bray Wyatt’s shadow self or id. Wyatt allows this dark side of himself to emerge on occasion and it’s terrifying to watch.

Wrestling’s SmackDown illustrated this when the lights suddenly went out and an unseen force cut into Wyatt’s promo implicitly calling him out for hiding his true self. The firm appears to be highlighting Wyatt’s internal conflict between good and evil. The latter quality is epitomized by Uncle Howdy.

The 35-year-old man acts out two different personas, the normal one being mild and empathetic and the other one encouraging him to embrace his darker side like The Fiend. During the most recent WWE SmackDown promo, Wyatt provided further details about his predicament. Ahead of Uncle Howdy’s entrance, he spoke into the microphone confronting his inner demons and remembering a “dark place” he had been in.

Waiting for the eventual combination of Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy’s personalities could delay the full unveiling of the Wyatt 6. Since his return, the former Universal Champion has avoided the squared circle as he fights off the ghosts of his past.

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Who is Uncle Howdy?

The internet is buzzing with theories about who Uncle Howdy might be. Fans believe the superstar portraying the creepy gimmick has a direct connection to Bray Wyatt, leaving aside the two-personality theory. One plausible interpretation is that Uncle Howdy is actually Wyatt’s brother Bo Dallas. WWE SmackDown fans speculate that Mr. NXT will return soon to form an alliance with his brother Bray.

New evidence suggests that Bray’s uncle, the former NWA World Champion Barry Windham may have some involvement in the ongoing mystery. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp observed that Barry’s mustache and features are similar to Howdy’s. The independent promotion and NJPW prodigy Tyler Bateman is also said to be working with Wyatt. He participated in WWE auditions last year (2018).

Who is Uncle Howdy?
Who is Uncle Howdy?

Uncle Howdy attacked Bray Wyatt during Smackdown

This week on SmackDown, Bray Wyatt was the victim of an unexpected attack from Uncle Howdy. At first glance, Howdy appeared to back him up against LA Knight. But then Howdy put Bray Wyatt in a Sister Abigail and hit the move, shocking both Knight and the WWE crowd.

Vincent and Dutch have long been suspected to be involved in the Wyatt plot as possible members of the group. Vincent, who hasn’t been involved with WWE in quite some time, tweeted shortly after the attack. Before Wyatt could apologize to the cameraman he attacked in “cold blood” last week.

LA Knight cut him off, saying that Wyatt must “pay the check” because he is still at fault for the attacks. In spite of Knight’s criticism of Wyatt as a “fraud” and “broke down loser” the latter proposed a match between the two at the Royal Rumble. Wyatt agreed and the same visuals flashed across the screen again this time accompanied by Uncle Howdy’s distinctive theme song. After entering the ring, Howdy positioned himself next to Wyatt before suddenly swerving and finishing the match with Sister Abigail.

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Was Bray Wyatt’s assailant’s mask radically different from Uncle Howdy’s?

We and other fans saw that the person who appeared was not actually wearing the Uncle Howdy mask. This mask puts more emphasis on the beard than the Uncle Howdy mask does on the mustache. Nonetheless, Michael Cole insisted on calling it “Uncle Howdy” in his commentary. Alternatively, it could have been the second character, Uncle Harper, who has been whispered to exist.

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