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Is Guy Benson Gay? When did he Marry Adam Wise?

Is Guy Benson Gay

Is Guy Benson Gay

American columnist, journalist, and political analyst Guy Pelham Benson was born on March 7, 1985. He is the political editor of, a Fox News contributor and the host of a conservative radio show. For the duration of the spring 2021 semester, Benson was a Fellow at Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

Is Guy Benson Gay?

In May 2015, Guy Benson said that his upcoming book, End of Discussion, would have a footnote revealing his s*xual orientation “Hi there, I’m a guy. Apparently, I’m a homos*xual.” As Benson said to one interviewer, “gay rights is not something that occupies my attention — or my desires.”

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Guy Benson’s Education

Benson was born in Saudi Arabia and spent his early years living abroad until settling in Ridgewood, New Jersey for middle school and high school. He became well-known in his high school community for his sportscasting on the school’s television station. Benson worked at Northwestern University’s campus radio station WNUR, broadcasting sporting events and presenting a political talk program while pursuing his bachelor’s degree.

Before helping Fox News with their coverage of the 2004 Republican National Convention, he interned there for two summers, mostly with Hannity & Colmes. Benson has worked as a reporter for a South Florida NPR affiliate, as a radio announcer for the Cape Cod Baseball League during the summer, and as an intern in the White House.

Guy Benson’s Career

Guy Benson

Benson worked as the producer of The Sandy Rios Show with Christian Right commentator Sandy Rios from 2007 until Rios relocated to Washington D.C. in July 2010 to host Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR TALK on American Family Radio. Benson graduated with honors from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 2007. Benson also had his own Sunday night radio show, The Guy Benson Show, on AM 560 WIND in Chicago and AM 1260 WWRC in Washington, DC from 2008 until 2015.

Following the success of his writings, which had been appearing on since February 2008, Benson was promoted to the position of political editor in 2010.

Benson writes for both Townhall and its offshoot, Hot Air. Formerly, he contributed to Andrew Breitbart’s “Big” sites and the Media Blog at National Review Online. For further reading on this topic, see the [citation needed] Benson is a frequent guest on cable news networks including Fox News and CNBC and he has been on The Hugh Hewitt Show as both a guest and a replacement presenter.

Benson published his first nonfiction book, End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters and Makes America Less Free (and Fun) with coauthor Mary Katharine Ham in May 2015. The book is a critique of PC in politics, media, and culture from the perspective of two Millennial conservatives.

Guy Benson’s Personal Life

James Benson is an actor, writer, and director and Benson’s brother.

In May of 2015, Guy Benson revealed his s*xual orientation by stating in advance that his upcoming book, End of Discussion, would include a footnote: “I’m a guy. Apparently, I’m a homos*xual.” As Benson said to one interviewer, “gay rights is not something that occupies my attention — or my desires.” Benson wed Adam Wise in September 2019.

Fox News Analyst Adam Wise weds Fox News commentator Guy Benson in a private ceremony

Guy Benson and Adam Wise

Reports say that Fox News contributor Guy Benson wed his lover of nearly four years, Adam Wise, on Saturday at the Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley, California.

Benson, who hosts The Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio and is a Fox News contributor, told PEOPLE before the wedding, “it became evident pretty early on that it simply, that things clicked.”

Wise, a 24-year-old government consultant, chimed in: “We’re both structured and driven human beings.” “Simply said, we’re a good team. We get along great. He is my safe haven.”

In front of roughly 150 of their closest friends and family members, the couple said “I do” while dressed in matching grey J. Crew suits (accented with colorful ties that symbolized their alma maters; Benson wore lavender for Northwestern and Wise wore sage green for Colorado State).

After the brief ceremony, the guests dined on a three-course meal that comprised a tomato, feta and bacon salad; bavette steak with a potato puree; and a sweet and savory cheese course. The couple dispensed with the traditional cake in favor of a dessert buffet featuring four or five options.

Bensen and Wise skipped having the first dance with each other and instead danced with their mothers to the accompaniment of two dueling pianos. (Aw!)

“Finding someone who completes you in every way is a wonderful feeling. Together, we believe that our lives will be simpler for the rest of our lives “I heard that…

After Benson saw “the most horrifying television appearance of my life” in 2015, he met his future wife, whom he proposed to in 2018.

Benson promoted his new book End Of Discussion, written with his friend Mary Katharine Ham, by making an appearance on an episode of The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly. But he did more than just promote his book; he publicly acknowledged his s*xual orientation on national television.

“In the book, in a footnote, I came out as gay because there was a whole chapter about gay rights and the religious liberties, and I felt like it was important for me to disclose to the audience just ethically, yes, from a journalism perspective,” said Benson.

A mutual love of Making A Murderer on Netflix led to a face-to-face meeting between the two. They became engaged before any of them realized it had happened.

In light of his high profile, Benson has spoken up about having to deal with “homophobic insults and hate,” but he has learned to ignore the bigotry and focus instead on the love he enjoys with his partner, Wise.

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Benson remarked how fantastic it was that people of all political persuasions had come together to celebrate the couple’s marriage. A lot of lip service is paid to diversity, acceptance, and understanding in today’s society, but our wedding guests are exemplifying these ideals in action.

Megyn Kelly, who played a role in bringing together Wise and Benson was there as were Lisa Kennedy, Katie Pavlich and Hugh Hewitt.

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