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Todd Chrisley Had Affair with Ex-business Partner? Is He Gay?

Is Todd Chrisley Gay

Is Todd Chrisley Gay

Since the trial was over, there have been rumors that it was proven that Todd Chrisley is gay and had an affair with another man even though he was married to Julie Chrisley.

In the same way, Todd is used to hearing that he plays for the other team. Some fans of the show Chrisley Knows Best have said for years that Todd Chisley was way too outgoing not to be gay.

From what we know, Todd Chrisley is married to a very pretty woman. In the same way, he was married to a different woman before. So, his very public past relationships don’t make it seem like he wants to be with a man.

TvShowsAce has said that Todd Chrisley has already talked about these rumors on his podcast. He said that he has never gotten close to a man. He joked, though, that he could be bought for the right amount of money.

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He did admit, though, that he wouldn’t be a cheap date. Anyone who knows Todd knows that he is good at being sarcastic. So, it’s not clear if he was serious or if he was just messing with his followers.

Even with all of this information, some fans of Chrisley Knows Best still say there’s no way Todd Chrisley is a straight man.

Anyone who knows all of this will be the first to admit that it’s not too surprising to hear that Todd is being accused of having a gay affair. But where did this story start? Do you think it could be true? Let’s get into it.

How Did the Todd Chrisley Gay Rumor Start?

Mark Braddock, who used to work with Todd Chrisley in business, has said that he had an affair with Todd while he was married. Todd’s business partner also says that someone found out about their relationship.

And Todd paid off the person who was blackmailing him so they wouldn’t tell everyone. Cinema Blend says that Todd Chrisley’s lawyer did answer these rumors about a gay relationship. His lawyer said that none of what was said was true.

Todd’s lawyer said that Todd’s business partner Mark was crazy about him. Without coming right out and saying it, the lawyer made it sound like Mark might have lied because he wanted to date Todd. The lawyer for Todd Chrisley went on to say that Mark lied when he said they had a gay affair because it isn’t true.

Daily Mail reports Mark said that he and Todd had a “brotherhood” with each other. He said that he had told his wife Julie about his relationship with Todd before he told the truth at the trial.

Is This Tale True or Not?

The Todd Chrisley gay affair rumor is just a “he said, he said” story, which is sad. So, depending on which side of the story you believe, it could be true or not.

Is Todd Chrisley Really Gay

Todd Chrisley doesn’t gain anything from saying that he had an affair with a man who used to be his business partner. He is married to Julie Chrisley. So, whether it’s true or not, it makes sense for him to say it’s not true.

What do you think about the rumors of a gay affair involving Todd Chrisley? Tell us in the comments section. And keep coming back to find out more about Chrisley.

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