Qala Ending Explained: Did She Kill Jagan’s Life?

Qala Ending Explained: The film Qala written and directed by Anvitaa Dutt follows the protagonist as he rises to the top of the Kolkata music industry and then falls to his knees. The film uses extensive flashbacks to explore Qala’s tumultuous relationship with her mother, Urmila which stems from the death of Urmila’s twin son while he was still in the womb.

As the story progresses we find out how Jagan’s arrival in Qala and Urmila’s life were profoundly altered most likely for the worse. The relationships between Qala and the various musicians, composers, singers and lyricists who populate her life are then explored. However, prospective viewers should be aware that the film’s slow pace and monotonous message make it easy to nod off in the middle of it and miss key plot points. Don’t fret though I’ll address them here.

Qala Ending Explained
Qala Ending Explained

Does Netflix have Qala?

Qala starring Triptii Dimri Babil Khan and Swastika Mukherjee is streaming on Netflix. The new “Basic with Ads” plan costs 4,99 euros monthly and gives users access to 90–95 percent of Netflix’s content with advertisements. There are currently three Netflix subscription options with the 12.99 euro plan being the most widely used.

Did Qala accidentally end Jagan’s life?

Qala is feeling the weight of her past experiences. Her mother refuses to respond to her desperate pleas for help, even as her condition worsens. She can’t even record music these days because she keeps having hallucinations of Jagan. In a disturbing interview, she appears to have conversations with apparitions of Jagan who ask her if she enjoys living his life.

She says she isn’t because her mother isn’t there to celebrate her achievements with her. Urmila hears the interview and considers calling her, but she decides against it. Qala’s delusions explain away a sinister truth. She gave Jagan a glass of milk that contained mercury which led to his deafness and ultimately his suicide.

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How does Urmila feel about her daughter’s mother?

Because Qala’s condition is getting worse, the doctor has called Urmila to tell her that her daughter has recently attempted suicide. Those cries for help from her daughter are still fresh in her mind. Urmila, unable to bear the thought of her daughter’s imminent demise decides to stay by her side throughout the ordeal. She visits Qala at his house.

Urmila refuses the doctor’s request to send Qala to a psychiatric ward so that she can get her mental health back on track instead of insisting that she will go home with her.

Qala Ending Explained
Qala Ending Explained

Is Qala ultimately doomed to die?

Unfortunately, it is already too late to do anything about it. Urmila discovers Qala after she has already committed suicide by hanging herself. She revisits her daughter’s past through her recorded memories. After showing a montage of herself, Qala says goodbye.

She was about to see her mom again after a long separation but that never happened. The years of abandonment she endured proved fatal. When it came to her two children. However, Urmila was helpless and may have even contributed to their deaths. Her regret, however came far too late to make a difference.

When did Jagan start having trouble talking?

At the outset of the film, Qala our protagonist is the center of attention at a press conference. Qala, you see is a singer; hers is the lovely voice heard behind the lips of other actresses in films. In the Indian film industry, actresses often use their singing voices to play the role of singers. Qala, however, is so talented that she has managed to overcome this challenge, and is now as well-known as any of the on-screen actresses.

She responds to the reporters’ questions, but she seems uneasy whenever the subject of her family comes up. When it concerns her sibling, however she becomes defensive. We visit an earlier era when Qala is still at home with her mom. Qala’s mother takes life very seriously and demands that her daughter devote enormous amounts of time to training.

Because of this, Qala is excellent. But it appears that they are engaging in a highly abusive relationship with one another. Her mother used to sing, but she was never really successful so she has been living vicariously through Qala ever since. The whole thing is very tragic. No matter how obvious it is that Qala has considerable talent his mother is never content. Once Jagan enters the picture, things between mom and daughter only get worse.

After Jagan dies, what will become of Qala?

The effects of Jagan’s passing are far-reaching. Not only has Qala’s mother become as reclusive as Jagan was in life but the family also has not benefited financially from his performances or recordings. She no longer treats Qala with the love and care that a mother would.

Qala is being pursued by a producer who thinks he has a right to the girl’s love. When Qala rejects him, her mother becomes furious and kicks her out of the house. Qala goes to Calcutta in search of employment but the city’s fruit and vegetables continually embarrass her. Qala apologizes and promises she will do a good job if given the chance.

She begs us to help her, but we can’t give her any place to go. The producer agrees to give her a second shot and she seizes it. Qala keeps signing, draws attention from Hollywood and eventually becomes a major movie star. However, she begins to have haunting visions of Jagan’s ghost. The apparition holds her responsible for living the life he was meant to lead.

Can we assume that Qala and her mom are reunited?

Even though Qala and Urmila are reunited it is only after Urmila has passed away. She asks her mother for support as she deals with her mental illness but her mother ignores her out of resentment. Qala, in her pain, tries to overdose on pearls but Sudha intervenes in time to prevent her death. The radio interview in which her daughter mumbled about Jagan’s death led Urmila to suspect that her daughter had hurt herself.

She hurries to Calcutta out of fear and there the doctor tells her that her condition is worsening and that she may need to be committed to a mental health facility. Urmila’s determination to return Qala to her family is a shock to everyone. She says she wants to make up for her bad behavior. As she enters, she is shocked to see her daughter hanging from the ceiling and knows it is too late to save her.

Qala began hallucinating her mother’s house complete with snow where she was reunited with Urmila and given her blessings while in a state of delirium. Because of this, she decides to end her life in the same way that Jagan did so that she can go back home. Sadly, Qala’s mother’s love and approval do not come until after she has passed on.

Whether or not Qala forgives herself is a central plot point

Urmila puts Jagan in touch with another famous singer named Chandan Lal Sanyal who is so impressed with his skills that he offers to put Jagan in touch with record executives and songwriters. In the hopes that Chandan will aid Jagan, Urmila and Chandan have a fling. Qala sees this and is obviously troubled. Jagan tells Qala that he has always wanted to be a singer and that his success would be good for him, Urmila and Qala.

Qala quickly declares that she too desires her mother’s desires. Urmila sets up a date for Qala with a potential suitor. When Qala sees how eager her mother is to get her out of the house, she is taken aback. Qala tells the bridegroom she is not a fan of music. Qala feels betrayed because her mother never acknowledged her daughter’s desire to sing or her need for Urmila’s approval.

The result is that she now despises music and by extension her mother. However, throughout her life, she never once held her mother responsible instead holding Jagan responsible for the demise of her hopes and dreams. Meanwhile, Jagan ignores whatever is happening in Qala’s head, if indeed he is aware of it at all. Urmila arranges a small concert so that Jagan can perform for the famous music director Sumant Kumar in Calcutta.

Just before each performance, Qala brings him a cup of warm milk. After a brief exchange, Qala suggests to Chandan Lal Sanyal that Jagan will be taking his place. Chandan Lal Sanyal, unfazed retorts that while everyone else can be replaced music will always be around and that is its beauty.

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Final Lines

The film “Qala” makes a commendable effort to broach the topic of mental health problems and the harmful effects of interpersonal relationships on those who suffer from them. The screenplay for “Qala” is uneven. The story deserved a deeper dive into the themes at play. Urmila, Jagan and Sumant aren’t given any depth or complexity.

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