Wednesday Ending Explained and Will There be Season 2 of it?

Wednesday Ending Explained: Wednesday is a television series based on the Addams Family character. Wednesday Addams is a coming-of-age supernatural horror comedy show in the United States. Starring Jenna Ortega as the title character, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Isaac Ordonez and Gwendoline Christie also make appearances in the film written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Tim Burton who also serves as executive producer helms four of the eight episodes. On November 23, 2022, the series debuted on Netflix.

Read here the ending moments of “Wednesday”.

Wednesday Ending Explained
Wednesday Ending Explained

What are the End moments of “Wednesday”? 

The final episode of the season picks up several days after Wednesday runs away from the coffee shop following her first kiss with Tyler, during which she has a vision in which he appears to her as the Hyde monster. Tyler was perplexed by Wednesday’s abrupt exit from the bedroom after their passionate exchange but she showed great courage by later asking him how long he’s known he was a Hyde and when Dr. Kinbott had unleashed the monster within him.

Instantaneously, Tyler plays the role of the innocent by telling Wednesday that she needs to come to her senses. Tyler is outraged when her new allies arrive and surround him, but Bianca calms him with her seductive voice. Wednesday is getting ready to torture him in the school shed after the gang has chained him up there.

The eight-part series, which premiered to much fanfare on November 23 and is the brainchild of horror master Tim Burton reimagines Charles Addams’s famously gloomy character, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family comic strip. Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega in this updated version, is a freshman at an all-girls boarding school.

All along, Tyler was the culprit

It turns out that Wednesday’s latte boy crush and apparent polar opposite, Tyler, is the monster/murderer she’s been investigating throughout her time at Nevermore Academy rather than the moodier Xavier who was also a potential love interest. That mild-mannered barista has transformed into a Hyde. The latter is unchained and reconciles with Wednesday in the series’ closing moments.

All along, Tyler was the culprit
All along, Tyler was the culprit

Also, it was Miss Thornhill the whole time

Marilyn Thornhill played by Christina Ricci is secretly Laurel Gates. She’s been manipulating the Hyde monster, Tyler and gathering body parts in order to bring her ancestor, Joseph Crackstone, back to life. After Thornhill/Gates finishes her spell the scary pilgrim who wants to wipe out all supernatural creatures and misfits attacks Nevermore Academy.

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There was a connection to the past of Gomez and Morticia

It turns out that Garrett Gates, a former Nevermore student who died trying to poison the student body has a long-lost relative named Laurel Gates. Morticia always blamed herself and let Gomez take the blame for her. How much more romantic can you get than that?

Many main characters ended up being killed off

Though Tyler is still around and has possibly evaded police capture, the show’s final season saw the deaths of several major characters, including Principal Weens, Miss Thornhill and Dr. Kinbott. The mayor and Rowan had also previously perished. That’ll make room for brand new faces in the second season. And yet, Eugene seems to be doing fine.

Many main characters ended up being killed off
Many main characters ended up being killed off

Nevermore Academy has ended

Just until the end of the semester, then. For her part in torturing Tyler, Wednesday was also technically expelled from school. After saving the school it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who lets her back in if/when the show is renewed for a second season. If you defeat a supernatural traveller, I assume you will be forgiven.

In other news, Wednesday is being stalked.

Obviously, this makes her very happy. To leave us on a cliff is one of our favorite things. She is being followed by people who want her dead. Wednesday thinks that Miss Thornhill was just a pawn for the Bigger Bad. Not everything has been resolved as Wednesday points out. We will have to wait until the loose ends are tied.

Who or What Is the Hyde?

During the seventh episode, Hyde reveals her true identity to her coffee shop crush, Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan). When their lips meet during their passionate embrace, Wednesday is plunged into a vivid flashback in which she sees the younger Hyde, the son of the Sheriff, committing a murder. In the voiceover, Wednesday wonders, It’s only natural that the first boy I kiss turns out to be a serial killer with a mental illness. Maybe I’m just a stereotypical guy.

In a battle between the Supernatural

With the help of Weems’ shapeshifting abilities Wednesday manages to coax a confession out of Laurel. But Laurel murders Weems and abducts Wednesday using Wednesday’s blood and a number of body parts taken from Tyler’s victims to successfully resurrect Crackstone. After Crackstone and Laurel abandon Wednesday, Goody saves her life by breaking their supernatural bond.

While Thing frees Xavier from police custody and Enid now fully transformed into a werewolf battles Tyler’s Hyde form in the woods, Crackstone unleashes his supernatural wrath on Nevermore. Wednesday and Crackstone have their final showdown and Wednesday emerges victorious with some unexpected assistance from Bianca as the Outcasts flee Nevermore. While Enid defeats Tyler, Eugene aids in bringing down Laurel.

Can You Guess Who Plays Laurel Gates in ‘Wednesday’?

Sheriff Galpin’s decision on Wednesday not to pursue kidnapping charges resulted in the “quid pro quo” of her expulsion from Nevermore. Wednesday played by Christina Ricci is about to leave when the optimistic Professor Thornhill stops her and presents her with a white oleander plant as a farewell gift and a symbol of rebirth.

Wednesday may be a mystery, but as Thornhill explains her future is bright thanks to her many talents. If only the rest of Wednesday’s community could see the potential! Oh well, the real Laurel Gates was just trying to confuse Wednesday more. Yep, you nailed it! Thornhill, not Kinbott was the true Laurel and she used a plant-based serum to manipulate and groom Tyler after she developed feelings for him.

When Eugene recovers from his attack, he tells Wednesday that he remembers the person who burned down the Hyde’s cave had red boots which Wednesday immediately recognizes as Thornhill’s trademark shoes and thus the solution to the case. To stop Tyler, Wednesday and Weems join forces and Weems changes form to become Wednesday.

Thornhill confidently spilled her future plans to Wednesday but when it was revealed that it was actually Weems and not Tyler in the room, the atmosphere was immediately drained of all its vitality much like Uncle Fester’s fingertips. Thornhill poisons Weems and knocks out Wednesday resulting in the latter waking up in chains in the crypt.

Who is the Hyde’s Master?

Furthermore, Wednesday learned that the key to unlocking any Hyde monster is a master’s skillful use of hypnosis. That proved Tyler wasn’t behaving independently. Somebody had to bring out his true nature and give him the order to start killing. Initially, Wednesday mistook this person for her therapist, Dr. Valarie Kinbott. However, the true master of Hyde remained a mystery after Kinbott’s death.

The clue was revealed by her hospitalized friend and near-victim of the Hyde, Eugene Ottinger (Moosa Mostafa), who said he saw someone with red boots during his attack. Marylin Thornhill is the only person who would own a pair of red boots like those. Laurel Gates, the presumed-dead daughter of the doomed Gates family was actually the botany professor at Nevermore played by Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the 1990s show The Addams Family.

To be clear, Gates did not use hypnosis to change Tyler into Hyde, rather she used a plant derivative to bring out Hyde’s side. If the fake educator got away with it, it was all part of a grander scheme to bring down the entire city of Nevermore. The long and short of it is that Gates adopted the alias of Thornhill in order to infiltrate Nevermore and the nearby town of Jericho in an elaborate scheme to exact revenge on the Outcasts for the deaths of her loved ones. The long-dead Puritan who established Jericho, named Joseph Crackstone was the target of Gates’s plan to achieve this goal. She accomplished this by amassing relics from Hyde’s many victims.

Wednesday Ending Explained
Wednesday Ending Explained

What Happened When Someone Died, Then Came Back to Life?

As Gates had hoped his strategy was successful. Wed., Crackstone was revived and stabbed. She was able to recover with the help of her ancestor Goody’s spirit and return to the fight to ensure Nevermore’s safety. It was in a tense courtyard battle with Crackstone that Wednesday realised the painting from the beginning of the series had predicted.

The two were able to finally beat Crackstone with the help of their former adversary turned friend, Bianca (Joy Sunday). His body disintegrated into a cloud of smoke and dust and he was killed instantly. When Eugene released his beloved swarm of bees upon the fake teacher, Gates was also defeated.

The finale’s second death was likely the most heartbreaking of the show. Prior to Wednesday’s abduction, Principal Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones) committed suicide after transforming into Tyler and hearing Thornhill/Gates confess to her murderous intentions. Thornhill fatally stabbed Weems with a needle as soon as she regained her principal’s identity.

By What Means did Laurel Gatez determine that Tyley was a “Hyde”?

The Gates family actively sought to destroy the outcasts Nevermore students because of their deep hatred for them. Laurel was aware of the sheriff’s marriage to a “Hyde” and made the connection to her father’s abilities. She became friends with Tyler then asked him why his father wouldn’t tell him who his mother was. For Tyler, this was the key that released his inner “Hyde” transforming him into Laurel’s subservient pawn.

If Laurel knew Wednesday Adams was going to Nevermore Academy, how did she know?

That’s not what she did. A person with a bias against social misfits, Laurel sought to eliminate anyone associated with Nevermore Academy. Wednesday’s Piranha incident at her former school, subsequent expulsion and enrollment in the school for outcasts, however, served to further her efforts to bring her ancestor back to life (Joseph Crackstone). It was a stroke of luck for the covert Miss Thornhill because it gave her the chance to destroy the next generation of the person who had destroyed her family.

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Final Lines

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Frequently Asked

Will there be Season 2 “Wednesday”?

There has been no confirmation of Wednesday’s renewal for a second season but the show’s producers are optimistic. A statement made by Empire show co-creator Alfred Gough: Miles and I are discussing it privately. There is certainly more to discover in the Addams household.

One Twitter user even asked, “when are we getting Wednesday season 2 renewal announcement?” Implying that fans there were eager for a continuation of the show. In response, someone else said, so the real question is when are we getting a season 2 of Wednesday because there’s no way the show can just end on that cliffhanger. Someone else added, Just binge-watched Wednesday for 8 hours straight and am currently waiting for Netflix to post about Wednesday getting renewed for season 2.

Who Was Laurel Gates?

Morticia Addams’s 1990 murder victim Myles Gates had a sister named Laurel Gates also known as Marilyn Thornhill. According to the narrative, the Gates family was split up and has been MIA ever since.

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