There Will Be 4 Upcoming Dream SMP Lore Streams

Future Dream SMP Lore Streams include 4. Thursday, June 10, Friday, July 11, Saturday and Sunday, September 13 Sunday will be my last Dream SMP Stream, for me (of Season 1).

The final reveal, c! Negative dreams and abuse I’m going to be honest because I’m hearing a lot of opinions that the series’ conclusion centers on forgiving abusers. It’s just not and this evidence supports that.

Since something that occurred there is significant to the present mythos, I know that several people missed Jack’s stream. If you don’t mind having Jack Manifold’s lore from today revealed, only continue on. Jack discovered the bomb and changed its settings so that it would destroy Tommy’s home rather than the prison.

Dream SMP Lore Streams
                                                                  Dream SMP Lore Streams

Reasons why the nuclear explosion occurred as it did

Jack had only misdirected one portion of the nuclear weapon, according to Tubbo. He reasoned that the nuke’s instability may have caused it to reroute everything, but you saw what happened.

Tommy’s starting soon screen just concluded and he is currently live. Later, he’ll be in the VC alongside Tubbo. Endings and martyring Cw

It has to do with nukes, Jack’s perspective on everything that has occurred, snowchester and other things like that. I highly recommend enrolling since it’s great. to have significant effects on the lore later

You may find Tommy and Tubbo’s videos here! For the majority of it, they were in VC together. Near the conclusion, Phil joins Tommy’s stream.

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Final Lines

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