Why Did Jose Urquidy Change His Name? The Reason Revealed!

The fact that Jose Urquidy changed his name shows that the decision had a deeper significance. Fans of his have been eager to learn the reason since they became aware of this truth.

In any case, his wife has gone to great lengths about it. Before we get into the details of the change Jose Urquidy has made to his name, let’s take a moment to consider who he is.

The most obvious information to start with is that Jose Urquidy is a professional baseball player currently working for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball (MLB). He has been a part of our team since the start of this year.

He steps up to the mound as the pitcher in terms of his position on the club. Jose, who is currently 27 years old, was born on May 1st, 1995. He was born in Mazatlán, Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa. He has compiled a 24-13 record throughout his career up until the 2022 campaign.

You were unaware that Jose’s professional career began in 2015 when he signed as an international free agent, and that he didn’t begin competing professionally until he was a rookie in 2019. He had previously played for the minor league team known as the Round Rock Express.

He chose the name Jose Urquidy for himself when he changed his name, and now uses it in 2019. Jose Luis Hernandez was his former name before changing it. What prompted the decision to change the company’s name? What we currently know is as follows.

Reason Behind Jose Urquidi Changing His Name Revealed

He decided to rename himself Jose Urquidy instead of Jose Luis Hernandez in honor of his mother, Alma Alicia. He used to go by the name “Jose Luis Hernandez.” Under his new identity, he entered the 2019 season of competition, winning 41 of the rounds.

Additionally, it is stated that the new name he picked bestows upon him good fortune, which aids in his success in every match in which he participates. Additionally, it has eventually come to represent his persona in the baseball world.

Jose Urquidy Change His Name
Jose Urquidy Change His Name

This shows how close Jose is to his significant other and how she has always supported him in his decision to play baseball professionally, even at the beginning of his career. Jose Urquidy stated in an interview that his mother’s support during all of his challenging periods in life—especially when they were the most challenging—is the only reason he has been able to attain this degree of success.

A baseball pitcher once said, when questioned about Alma, “She is continuously there sending me messages and encouraging me.” As a result, a mother’s relationship with her kid is quite happy.

Meet The Wife Of Jose Urquidy

If you were curious about Jose Urquidy’s wife, her name is Estefania Duran. You should be aware that she is not a sportsperson if you are interested in learning more about her. So what does she do for a living?

Estefania is the dentist who sees patients at Smile Kiddies. Additionally, she is a respected expert in the field of pediatric dentistry. She is in charge of making sure that children receive quality dental care. Don’t forget to mention that Jose Urquidy’s wife is a skilled maxillary orthopedic surgeon.

Jose Urquidy and Estefania Duran reportedly dated for two years before getting married in January 2022 to officially end their romance. The people are not well-informed on the specifics of their wedding. On the other hand, ever since she got married, she has become well known for being a celebrity spouse and has been rapidly gaining online admirers.

The main emphasis of your attention should be on the fact that both of them are head over heels in love with one another, disregarding everything else.

Jose Urquidy’s wife, Estefania Urquidy, seemed to be very in favor of her husband’s decision when asked about the name change. She acknowledged that she respected her mother-in-law and that she knew it was being done for the right reasons. She thought it was perfectly appropriate and admired the way Jose always respected his mother. You are such a fantastic wife!

Jose Urquidy Change His Name
Jose Urquidy Change His Name

Jose Urquidy and Estefania Duran both used social media on June 20, 2022, to publicly share some exciting news with their followers. What exactly was it? The delighted couple’s first child is going to be born.

Estefania will give birth to a child in January 2023. Congratulations! Additionally, they revealed the gender of the child. How do you feel? A young girl will be the new arrival. How fantastic!

We send Jose Urquidy our best wishes for success in his future endeavors. To keep up with all of the baseball pitcher’s most recent activities, you might follow him on Instagram. I hope Estefania is currently in good physical shape.

Final Lines

Jose Orchidi, a baseball player, changed his name, and now everyone knows who he is because of his new self. When Urquidy agreed to be a free specialist worldwide for the Houston Astros, his reach went all over the world. Then, in 2019, he moved up to the level of important organizations and gave his presentation.

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