Dead To Me Season 3 Trailer: Jen and Judy Reunite In the Final Season To Commit More Crimes

“Dead To Me” is not your usual crime story. It is packed with fun, comedy and a lot about Jen and Judy’s friendship. Fans have been a fan of the series ever since they got to see more into the lives of the duo Jen and Judy. This superhit Netflix dramedy has an unusual take on the accidental crimes of the ladies.

“Dead to Me” Season 3 will be the last of the franchise in spite of being such a major success. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are the leads, Jen and Judy in the show. But the dark secrets are still looming over their heads.

“Dead to Me” Season 3 will pick up from the cliffhanger ending of the previous season. The trailer of “Dead to Me” Season 3 is out and the ladies are hiding their secrets for too long. Well, it’s time to unfold how it has been going for the ladies.

A Recap of the “Dead to Me” Plot

As we have seen at the end of Dead to Me Season 2, history repeated itself but this time Jen and Judy were not behind the steering wheel. To start with, the main focus of the series is the friendship of the two leads, Jen Harding and Judy Hale who first met while being at a grief support group.

But Jen didn’t know that it was Judy who had actually hit and run her husband. Both Jen and Judy have opposite personalities but as the series progresses, they get close. Jen shifts to live with Judy and this will just trigger the beginning of their crime sagas. Later Jen found out the truth about Judy. She is a nice woman who has accidentally committed this crime.

Plus Jen ended up killing Steve played by James Marsden, who got added to their list of crimes. The girls finally came to peace after all the chaos that they had gone through. In fact, when Steve’s twin brother, Ben entered the plot, Jen and Ben did have something romantic cooking between them.

Little did they know that fate had different plans and a drunk-driving Ben had struck them. That was it for the second season of the show and fans have been waiting since then to know what happened after that. The Dead to Me Season 3 trailer is here to serve you with all the answers.

Dead to Me Season 3 Trailer

Dead To Me Season 3 Trailer
Dead To Me Season 3 Trailer

Here is a glimpse of what the final season, Dead to Me Season 3 will look like. The official trailer for Dead to Me Season 3 was released on 2nd November 2022 and the answer to all your daunting questions will finally be here.

They definitely look suspicious and the 2 minutes 17 seconds trailer briefs the audiences on the dramatic and funny Dead to Me Season 3. Jen and Judy are still suspicious in the FBI’s eye. In the latest trailer, the chains of mysteries had been shared. Did you notice Ben behaving like his brother Steve? Well, the all-nice behavior of Ben was just an act? The trailer seems to suggest so. 

Moreover, as the trailer opened we saw Jen was confined to the neck brace after the accident. The family also seems to be in trouble with frequent visits from the FBI and police. Besides, the body of Steve has been found and chaos is on the way. So, Dead to Me Season 3 will be dramatic.

This was showrunner Liz Feldman’s breakthrough project and his work got the appreciation that it deserved. New characters are also introduced in the show, however, there has been a delay in production not only due to the pandemic but also because of Christina’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

In an interview with“New York Times, she said, “This is the first time anyone’s going to see me the way I am,” “I put on 40 pounds. I can’t walk without a cane. I want people to know that I am very aware of all of that.” “When Linda and I would do those scenes, it crushed us sometimes,”

There may have been a lot of setbacks but Dead to Me Season 3 is out to give you hope for the final season. Being a fan of the Dead to Me franchise, we are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Dead to Me Season 3. 

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