FOX’s Reporter Carley Shimkus Reveals She’s Pregnant with a Boy on FOX & Friends First

Carley Shimkus a reporter for FOX just announced she and her husband, Peter Buchignani, are expecting a son. The newscaster announced the good news live on FOX & Friends First this morning.

The gender of the baby boy was revealed after two boxes of blue-frosted cupcakes were opened. As her co-stars displayed the cakes on air, Shimkus grinned at the camera.

“It’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever had,” she remarked and I know that babies are born every second of the day.

“I sobbed during the first sonogram because of the heartbeat. I was taken aback by how easily I became emotional.

The actors gushed over the ultrasound as it was displayed on the screen, and Shimkus said, “I believe he’s got a great nose, but I’m biassed.”

Her costar Janice Dean announced the news on Twitter: “ICYMI: Our own Carley Shimkus is having a baby. And the baby is a boy!

Numerous people on the internet have expressed their happiness for Shimkus.

A voice was heard saying: “Wow, that’s fantastic news. I couldn’t be happier for Carley and her husband.”

Moreover, someone other remarked, “Congratulations on the New Baby Boy!

Shimkus joined Fox and Friends First as a co-host on November 7, 1986. She succeeded Jillian Mele, who left the organization in 2021 to earn an MBA from La Salle University in Philadelphia.

The soon-to-be mother joined the FOX network in 2009 and has since worked as a producer for FOX Business Network and a co-host for FOX Nation. As of their wedding in August 2015, businessman Buchignani Buchignani weds Shimkus.

According to HindiAble, he has worked as a salesman for a long time, holding positions at Amherst Pierpont Securities, Barclays Capital and Deutsch Financial Institution.

According to the site, Shimkus and Buchignani first crossed paths in 2011 at Shimkus’ 23rd birthday celebration.

It was rumored that they didn’t start dating until two years later.  Buchignani himself wants to keep a low profile, but his wife isn’t shy about sharing photos of the two of them on Instagram.

Here you read information about Carley Shimkus’s pregnancy details. Keep following for more updates. You can also read about if these celebrities are also pregnant: Is Kelly Piquet Pregnant? and Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant Again With Fourth Child?

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