Is Laura Ingraham Married? Her Current Relationship Status

Laura Ingraham, a Fox News star is used to being in the eye of the storm. She has repeatedly expressed contempt for several communities of people, including the LGBTQ+ community, DREAMers and professional athletes who support Black Lives Matter from her days as the editor of her undergraduate newspaper to her current position as the anchor of The Ingraham Angle. The fact that Ingraham is an ardent defender of classic conservative beliefs is hardly a surprise.

She has received mockery for her views on numerous occasions, including the time she told LeBron James to “shut up and dribble” and to keep his political opinions to himself, the time she made ludicrous claims that President Obama sent aid to Africa during an Ebola outbreak because of his guilt over slavery and colonialism and the time she told 17-year-old mass shooting survivor David Hogg to “shut up and dribble.” She has experienced backlash.

You may presume that Ingraham was the devoted spouse of another conservative activist or politician if you knew nothing else about her. You’re mistaken about that! Ingraham has never been married despite having a string of odd romantic encounters throughout her life.

Some of the names on her list of ex-boyfriends might surprise you. She has dated some well-known Republicans, like Dinesh D’Souza and Lindsey Graham but she has also dated some well-known Democrats.

Laura Ingraham Has Been Engaged Twice

Ingraham and James Reyes, a beer distributor and multibillionaire in real estate, were on the verge of being hitched in 2005. The couple got engaged in April, but Ingraham announced shortly after that she was receiving breast cancer treatment. They called off their engagement and split up around the same time.

Is Laura Ingraham Married?
Is Laura Ingraham Married?

Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza, prominent members of the conservative political movement were previously engaged. They are thought to have met for the first time in the 1980s when they were both enrolled at Dartmouth College. Both people were hired by The Dartmouth Review.

D’Souza, an American citizen by naturalization who was born in Mumbai is the creator of the anti-Obama documentary 2016: Obama’s America, which was released in 2016. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge of making improper political contributions in 2014. Donald Trump pardoned him for his acts four years later.

It makes sense that someone who has spent their entire life seeking to undermine President Obama would start to feel attracted to a blonde TV host. (Is it so foreseeably? He once had a romantic relationship with right-wing agitator Ann Coulter. It was his goal to wed the all-American girl, he stated in an interview he gave with Vanity Fair in 2015. It seems he was never meant to be Laura Ingraham’s husband.

It’s Rumored That She Dated Lindsey Graham And Donald Trump In The ’90s

Additionally, there were rumors that Ingraham had relationships with a few notable Republicans. In 1999, she was spotted kissing Senator Lindsey Graham of North Carolina at The Palm steakhouse in Washington, District of Columbia. She first denied that they were developing a romance. She then adopted a “no comment” stance. White House and Graham’s staff both declined to comment.

Yashar Ali, a writer, deserves praise for discovering the following obscure information in ancient New York Post and Washington Post archives:

And is it any surprise that she is a fervent supporter of the MAGA philosophy? According to the publication “The Atlantic,” Ingraham went on a date with Donald Trump. Even though it didn’t seem to go well, it ultimately helped her TV career many years later. As Anne Applebaum put it:

She claims that she once went on a date with Donald Trump whom she has known since the 1990s. However, she found Trump to be haughty, therefore the date did not go well. He needs two separate cars, one for himself and one for his hair, she remarked, telling some of their mutual friends (she said).

Despite this, she was one of his first backers when he started getting into politics and she even tolerated his birther rants on her show. She is one of many people at Fox who often speak with him and she has had unheard-of access to him throughout his presidency.

Laura Ingraham Has Also Dated Some Big-Time Democrats

Perhaps the most astonishing piece of information we’ve discovered is that Ingraham has dated a few notable Democrats.

She allegedly had a brief romance with Keith Olbermann, a sports writer and vocal Democratic pundit, according to The New Yorker. When asked why things between them never progressed to a serious level, the former MSNBC presenter was cryptic. There were a few issues, according to Olbermann. “I could see a couple of things that were going to be obstacles. Oddly, they had nothing to do with politics.

He hasn’t held back after then while criticizing her online:

There were also rumors that Ingraham dated former Harvard University President Larry Summers and Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli of New Jersey. Her friendship with the latter was even acknowledged in a feature that appeared in The Harvard Crimson, the school newspaper.

Her Current Status In A Relationship

Ingraham is regarded as a single lady because she has never been married. She has never been married but she has a child of her own now. She has three adoptive children as of right now. The first is Marie Caroline, a daughter she brought home from Guatemala in May 2008 through adoption. In 2009 and 2011, she additionally welcomed Russian-born Michael Dmitri and Nikolai Peter into the family.

Is Laura Ingraham Married?
Is Laura Ingraham Married?

In a 2008 address, she stated, “I find meaning in the eyes of a beautiful three-year-old little girl whom I spent years trying to adopt. I had the good fortune to fly to Guatemala last month to finally bring her home. Ingraham might eventually settle down and find a nice middle. If she does, it appears that she might make a decision that surprises us.

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