The Titans Fight Mother Mayhem In Season 4 Clip

Fans of DC comics had a lot to be excited about in the wake of New York Comic Con. Titans, which just had its Season 4 panel at New York Comic Con was arguably DC’s main attraction. The panel also revealed the season start date and screened a new trailer including a sneak peek of Brother Blood. But there were also two brand new clips aired during the panel. One of the previews features Franka Potente who plays Brother Blood’s cult cohort Mother Mayhem.

The clip depicts the Titans getting ready for their apparent first battle with Mayhem. Superboy and Raven try to utilize their powers on the cult member but are unsuccessful. Nightwing and Mayhem are fighting head-to-head, with Nightwing using Escrima Sticks and Mayhem wielding an axe.

The Titans’ leader will remain immobile until Mayhem flips him in the air. This scene is a superb example of Mayhem’s might, as she puts an end to the conflict by pretending to be a powerful Sith lord and shocking the other squad with spectacular red lightning.

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The video is packed with nuggets of wisdom. The Titans are still struggling to play as a cohesive unit. Taking on Mayhem one by one doesn’t seem to be the greatest tactic, but Superboy is still trying to be a hothead. There is still plenty for Nightwing and Starfire to teach this new generation of heroes, but they don’t have much time until the Church of Blood strikes again.

The Titans Heroes Fight Mother Mayhem
The Titans Heroes Fight Mother Mayhem

In the comics, Mayhem held a prominent position in Brother Blood’s cult, a villainous organization dedicated to the worship of Raven’s wicked father, Trigon. The Titans will be facing powers like that this season. While they may have lost this battle with Mayhem, they still have a chance to defeat her and Brother Blood in the long run if they can learn to work together.

The combat sequence also features an interesting new angle on Tim Drake’s trademark bow staff. One of the side plots this season will likely involve the Titans grooming him to replace Robin. This video also features the first on-screen appearance of Beast Boy in his new, comic-accurate attire. At New York Comic Con, the Titans also displayed some more designs for Beast Boy’s outfit. After three seasons, it’s great to hear that this character will finally be taking off his jacket.

While Titans have always had exciting battles, the intensity level seems to be through the roof in Season 4. Expect a lot of exciting mayhem this season as the team faces its greatest and scariest challenge yet in the form of the Church of Blood. Part 1 of Season 4 of Titans premieres on November 3 on HBO Max with the first two episodes, and then a new episode airs every week until December 1. Sometime around 2023, the second half will begin airing, featuring six further episodes. Watch the new Mother Mayhem video while you wait for the Titans to come back.

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