Is Laura Wright Pregnant With John’s Child?

Are rumors of Laura Wright’s pregnancy true? Is Laura Wright really pregnant? Laura Wright is an American actress with a large fan base. She rose to fame thanks to her performance at General Hospital. Are Laura Wright and her husband expecting a child? is a question many people have been asking. If you’re curious about whether or not Laura Wright is pregnant, you can read about it here.

Who is Laura Wright?

American actress, Laura Wright’s name is Laura Wright. Among her most well-known roles are those of Ally Rescott on Loving and The City, Carly Corinthos on General Hospital, and Cassie Layne Winslow on Guiding Light.

In 2011, Laura was honored with the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. In 2015, alongside General Hospital co-stars Maurice Benard and Donna Mills, Laura made a cameo appearance in the film Joy. She also appeared in the December 14, 2018, premiere of the Lifetime movie Deadly Patient.


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Who is Laura Wright’s Husband?

John Wright is Laura’s husband. By trade, John Wright is an architect. On October 7, 1995, they celebrated their marriage. The stunning couple started a family and eventually had two children. John Wright and his wife Laura announced their decision to remain married in April of 2016.

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Is Laura Wright Pregnant?

Some of the information suggests that Laura Wright is not currently pregnant. She likely informed her followers via social media that she was expecting. Given that she has said nothing to suggest otherwise, we can safely assume that she is not expecting. Since neither she nor her husband has announced her pregnancy to the public, Laura Wright is not expecting.

Wright Hints General Hospital Pregnancy Spoilers

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) of General Hospital also spent nine months away from his loved ones. Even though Nina was upset with Carly, she managed to keep the secret to herself for a full six months.

Laura Wright
Laura Wright

In spite of Sonny’s best efforts to defend her, Nina was in the wrong in this situation. Wright has played Carly for over a decade, so she’s been through a lot with Sonny. Wright also monitors Carson’s fan community and comments.

Many viewers feel that Nina should be punished financially for her role in isolating Sonny from his loved ones. During the time that Sonny was missing and thought to be dead, should Carly have kept this a secret?

Is it possible that Michael and Willow’s “exciting news” this summer is the arrival of a new baby? After all that Nina has done to Willow and her family, would she consider trying to make amends with her? As for the significance of the “9 months” remark, only time will tell. Stay tuned for further developments.

What Happened with Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey’s Baby?

Even though Wright and Ramsey aren’t engaged yet, they are parents to a tiny Goldendoodle named Kimba. Ramsey posted a celebratory Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2021, gushing about how wonderful it was to “enjoy the love of two special girls,” presumably Wright and Kimba.

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