Leah Messer Breaks Silence On Jaylan Mobley’s Baby Rumors

Former cheerleader and country girl from Elkview, West Virginia, is now known as Leah Dawn Messer (formerly Simms & Calvert). Is Leah Messer Pregnant? The star of Teen Mom 2 has reportedly become pregnant after dating Jaylan Mobley for less than a year. Read on to find out if the reports about the couple having a child are true.

Teen Mom 2

Watch as four young women navigate motherhood in Teen Mom 2. After having twins, Alannah and Aleeah, Leah and Corey have remained a couple. Leah gives up a lot to get her degree, take care of her daughters, and stay with Corey.

Back in 2010, Corey and Leah split up temporarily because she wasn’t sure what she wanted out of their relationship. She started dating Robbie, her ex-boyfriend, around that time.

After Leah and Corey reconciled, they announced their engagement later that year. They tied the knot in October, right around the time their twins turned one, but Leah’s admission of adultery surfaced in April of 2011. This couple officially called it quits in June of 2011.

When Ali’s parents saw that she was maturing at a slower rate than her sister, they began to worry about their daughter’s health. Ali has been diagnosed with Titin Muscular Dystrophy, a rare form of the disease that generally affects adults, after a series of doctor visits and tests.

Throughout the series, we’ve seen that Leah and Corey can’t seem to agree on anything, even how to co-parent the twins or who should have custody or visitation.

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Who is Leah Messer Engaged With?

The adolescent mom of three, Leah Messer, recently announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Jaylan Mobley. The good news was first reported by the people. The West Virginian said “yes” to her partner’s proposal during their anniversary trip to Costa Rica on Friday, August 19.

Is Leah Messer Pregnant?

On Saturday, April 16, Leah’s former co-star Jenelle Evans posted an Instagram Story with a snapshot of the couple, sparking rumors that the two were engaged. Leah Messer and her new boyfriend, as captioned on the photo. A new addition to the family: “We’re pregnant!”

A tale about the couple’s latest addition to the family, a French bulldog puppy named Blue, which Leah, 30, gave to Jaylan during their recent trip to Los Angeles, was revealed instead when admirers clicked the link in the post.

“Everyone meet my boy Blue,” Jaylan, 25, announced via Instagram on April 8.

Leah is open to having children with her U.S. Army officer boyfriend, despite the fact that she already has two sets of twins from her previous marriages (to Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, respectively).

“All I know is that we love each other and at the end of the day, that’s the foundation I wanna set for our relationship, my kids, our future kids,” she told In Touch exclusively in August, while promoting the new series Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. “And that’s kinda where we’re at.”

The author of Hope, Grace, and Faith gushed about her new boyfriend’s relationship with his three daughters in December of 2021.

She wrote on Instagram at the time, “Thank you for loving us the way you do.” While I was at Ali’s first band concert, you came to see Addie perform for Christmas, and you sent me images and videos. You had worked all day and driven for four hours because you were eager to be there. Her performance was one that you wouldn’t want to miss. We cherish you and are thankful for you beyond words.

“Thank you for loving us the way you do,” she shared via Instagram at the time. “Thank you for showing up and sending me photos/videos of Addie’s Xmas performance while I was at Ali’s first band concert. After working all day and driving a total of four hours, you wanted to be there. You didn’t want to miss her performance for anything. We love you so much, and we’re so grateful to have you.”

At the beginning of their relationship, they were separated by distance. Jaylan has recently bridged the distance by buying a house in Charleston, West Virginia, where the couple now lives together as a blended family.

“I am so thankful and blessed and still speechless to own this home. Surprise! @leahmesser,” he shared while announcing the news on April 1. “I’m proud of you for selling your first home, and so, I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home.”

During their August anniversary trip to Costa Rica, Jaylan popped the question to the MTV star.

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