Pokémon Job Profile Says Detective Pikachu 2 Release Is Near

The Pokémon Company has promised a sequel to 2016’s Detective Pikachu 2 on the Nintendo Switch for three whole years. And because there has been zero news on the project, you could be forgiven for forgetting it existed. An offhand remark on a programmer’s LinkedIn page, however, suggests that it not only exists but that it will soon be released.

Somehow, in a 3DS game released in 2018 (in the West), the most well-known pocket monster in the world stops being a mindless automaton who hurls lethal balls of lightning at anybody his tyrannical master orders him to and instead learns to talk and investigates crimes. You’re probably envisioning the Ryan Reynolds movie instead of the game, and that’s great because the movie was fantastic. Anyone who dares to approach me hears me say, “Deadpool for kids.” Overall, it was a pretty game, albeit not innovative.

The cinematic adaption was released in 2019, and confirmation of a sequel was announced that same year. No pikas or squeaky mice have been heard since then. And it’s even more of a letdown because the first game’s story didn’t wrap up as the movies did. The Pokémon Company’s president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, revealed in a Pokémon Business Strategy Announcement that the sequel would conclude differently than the film.

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A hush fell over the room after that. Until today, some astute member of the Famiboards community saw a casual remark on developer Jonathan Murphy’s LinkedIn page. Murphy, who has been employed by Creatures Inc for the past five years, lists his job experience in his current role as follows (and this is still present as of this writing): “Using Unity/C#, worked on one unannounced project and one nearing release, Detective Pikachu 2.”

Considering that the game hasn’t been shown off in any Nintendo Directs and hasn’t even been included in any of Nintendo’s financial reports, including the most recent one (pdf) which discusses enigmatic games like Metroid Prime 4, this comes as quite a shock. Consequently, if it is nearing completion, the corporation stays very tight-lipped about it.

Before the film premiere, the Japanese version of Detective Pikachu had been available for two years. Consequently, it’s possible that the development of a Japanese-language version is nearing completion. I have no idea! Quite inquiring.

Without hearing back from Jonathan Murphy or Creatures, we’re continuing our efforts to verify this information.

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