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Overwatch 2 Release Date For Next Few Heroes

Overwatch 2 is now a real game that people have played. Almost. The sequel’s PvE mode has been moved to the future, but Blizzard’s first two betas have given us a chance to play the hero shooter’s updated PvP mode. So far, it has a lot of the same feel as Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 is finally starting to look more like a free-to-play seasonal update as the puzzle pieces start to fit together. At the same time, it’s getting a lot of new heroes, maps, and game modes and going through some big changes. And someday, those PvE missions that have been gone for a long time.

Here is everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.

When Will Overwatch 2 Come Out?

Overwatch 2 will be free to play when it goes into early access on October 4, 2022. This was announced at the Xbox Showcase in June 2022. It’s important to note that this is only for PvP and not for PvE, which will likely get its own date later.

Overwatch 2 Betas: When You Can Play Next

In July, Blizzard finished its second PvP beta. It’s still not clear if there will be another beta before Overwatch 2 comes out in early October, but we do know that Blizzard has one more new hero to show off before then: a new support character that we can’t wait to see.

If there is a beta coming up, Blizzard’s official Overwatch 2 site is where you can sign up

Watch Overwatch 2 Gameplay Here

We’ve played a lot of Overwatch 2 so far, between the short alpha period and the two betas spread out over three months. Watch a full match with Sojourn, one of the new heroes in the game, up above. This was taken during the first alpha, so keep in mind that a lot of balance changes have already been made since then.

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Overwatch 2’s New Heroes

After not adding any new heroes to the first Overwatch for a few years, Blizzard plans to release Overwatch 2 with three new ones. So far, we only know about two of them (and have played them), but we do know a little bit about the third mystery hero coming later this year:

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2
  • Sojourn (Damage): A high-mobility gunner with an assault rifle that builds charge and releases energy as powerful railgun bursts. A cool combination of Soldier’s raw chip damage and Widowmaker’s burst damage potential.
  • Junker Queen (Tank): A close-quarters brawler with a high-damage scattergun, Junker Queen can yank enemies toward her with her throwing knife and leach health off enemies cut by her axe. Her burst healing and heal-over-time give her high sustainability, but she requires precise aim to score kills.
  • Mystery hero (Support): We know that the next Overwatch 2 hero will be a new support. That’s good news, because supports are currently the most underserved role in Overwatch 2. Blizzard is aware of this problem and plans to fix it by releasing several more supports in Overwatch 2’s first year.

The Biggest Overwatch 2 Hero Changes


Orisa in Overwatch 2 is, for all intents and purposes, a brand-new hero. Her famous shield is gone, but now she can block incoming projectiles by spinning her new javelin, just like D.Va. When talking about the javelin, her new right-click throws the spear with a deadly effect.


In Overwatch 2, Doomfist has gone from being a damage hero to being a tank. Unlike Orisa, he has mostly kept the same moves. The biggest change is that his signature punch no longer does a lot of damage. Instead, it is now better at pushing enemies around and making openings for his team. Instead of an uppercut, he now does a vertical leap like Winston.


The tank, which couldn’t move before, now has wheels. When he turns into a turret, he can now move around, but this only lasts for a few seconds. His right-click to heal himself has been changed to a new secondary grenade. He also has a new ultimate that is like Doomfist’s meteor strike. It is a mortar barrage.

Overwatch 2 Will Be Replacing The original Overwatch

Overwatch 2 is less of a sequel and more of a relaunch because it changes the way Overwatch PvP works. The original game will be replaced, and the only Overwatch platform will be the free-to-play Overwatch 2 multiplayer.

How good is Overwatch 2?

After spending many hours in the Overwatch 2 PvP alpha and beta, we have a lot to say about where the game is going. Morgan Park wrote in his impressions that Overwatch has gotten a lot faster, and new heroes like Sojourn show how the game has gotten faster.

Over the course of two betas, both Blizzard and players have had some growing pains as they adjust to the faster game. When you’ve been playing a game one way for a long time, it can be hard to tell if the new way is bad or just different. So far, it’s felt like a mix of both. Supports, for example, have had to be changed a lot during beta because it’s so much harder to stay alive in a 5v5 environment.

“The original Overwatch’s DNA isn’t completely gone in Overwatch 2, but it’s changed enough that heroes and strategies that don’t rely on aiming are starting to fall behind because they don’t fit the new rhythm of team fights. This can be fixed by making small changes to the numbers, and I think that will be the bulk of the work that goes into the beta, besides adding new heroes. But Overwatch 2 makes me wonder if squeezing the game into a smaller package is worth the trouble “Tyler Colp from our team wrote

This is all about your favorite game” Overwatch 2″. We hope you liked this information. if so, check out more updates in our gaming section.

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