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Why Did Itachi Killed His Entire Clan? What Were the Consequences?

In the Naruto anime, the truth behind Itachi Uchiha’s killing of his clan is revealed gradually. Itachi’s character growth over the series has resulted in mixed reactions from viewers. So, let’s go out about what led up to the Uchiha tragedy and why Itachi slaughtered his family.

Fans need to learn about Itachi before making sense of the Uchiha massacre. Itachi was the firstborn son of the Uchiha clan head, therefore he was already considered a formidable ninja. Sadly, he was exposed to numerous horrors at a young age. The Third Shinobi World War among other events left a lasting impression on him.

After witnessing the atrocities of battle, he resolved to become the best ninja possible so he would one day end all bloodshed and struggle. At age 11, Itachi was promoted to captain of the Anbu despite graduating from the Shinobi Academy early. In the second year, Itachi decided to kill everyone in his family except for his younger brother.

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Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan?

From the beginning of Hidden Leaf Village in the Naruto anime, the Uchiha clan has been distrusted by the residents. After Madara Uchiha’s rebellion against the Konoha village, fear and mistrust were widespread. The attack by the nine-tailed fox only increased the villagers’ already well-founded suspicions about the Uchiha family, and the village elders took a more cautious stance.

As tensions rose, the village chief isolated the Uchiha family to the outside. The Uchihas were outraged to be left out. Itachi’s father, the clan leader, had him recruited into the Anbu black ops to spy on the village and the other clans to stage a coup. But Itachi is already working as a spy for Danzo, the village counselor. Itachi thought he was helping the cause of peace by acting as a double agent. Danzo feared they’d start a new war if the Uchihas weren’t stopped.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Entire Clan
Why Did Itachi Kill His Entire Clan

Itachi told Danzo his family was planning a coup, and Danzo persuaded him that the only way to stop it was with bloodshed. Itachi’s faith in others was shaken after he stole Shisui’s eye. In the end Danzo takes advantage of Itachi’s trauma and naiveté to persuade him to kill the Uchiha family. Itachi wished to forestall the needless slaughter of civilians in yet another Shiboi conflict.

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What Were the Consequences After that?

The sibling he spared Sasuke became Itachi’s pawn in a quest for retribution. He wanted his brother Sasuke to get powerful enough to kill him because he was convinced that only Sasuke could hold him accountable for the massacre he had perpetrated.

After his kin was slaughtered, Sasuke fled the hamlet and set out to surpass Itachi in strength. When Sasuke left the community it inspired Naruto to seek ways to grow in strength and lure him back to the village.

The Uchiha bloodbath shaped Sasuke and later Naruto to become two of the most formidable Shinobi Konoha. Sasuke continued to fail at his attempts to murder Itachi. One day, Sasuke faced Itachi in a duel and ultimately killed his older sibling. After killing his brother, Sasuke was forced to face reality about his sibling’s motive.

After Itachi’s demise, Sasuke inherited all of Itachi’s powers and along with Naruto, they defeated Madara and Obito. Naruto and Sasuke’s victory over Madara and Obito prevented the infinite Tsukuyomi from enslaving the Shinobi world in a dreamlike illusion.

Itachi’s sibling never would have developed his powers or helped Naruto defeat Madara and Obito if Itachi hadn’t spared his younger brother and massacred the Uchiha clan.

We have discussed every critical facet of the question of why Itachi slaughtered his family. Keep up with Venturejolt for more content like this.

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