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Which Naruto Character Is Your Soulmate , Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The nature kinds of the Naruto universe’s characters are given more importance than concepts like the zodiac. That makes perfect sense given that a shinobi’s nature type influences the skills that they can master. But the alignment of the personality of their favourite characters with the Zodiac signs may pique the interest of fans.

Even though the manga and data books do list the characters’ birthdays, allowing fans to determine their canon zodiac signs, not all of the characters completely match the personalities of their zodiac signs. Instead, these zodiac signs best describe how they approach the shinobi lifestyle, why they fight, and how they generally behave.

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Fortunately, fans can still enjoy discovering the Naruto characters. The majority of the characters continue to play important roles in the manga and sequel series to the Boruto anime. The first two seasons of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are still available on numerous streaming services for anyone who wants to learn more about the characters’ characteristics or relive their favourite scenes. Every time they want, viewers can check to see if their star sign corresponds to how the characters address their problems.

which naruto character is your soulmate , based on your Zodiac sign
which naruto character is your soulmate, based on your Zodiac sign

Aries: Sakura Or Temari

Sakura might be the most intelligent person on Team 7, but she occasionally makes poor decisions due to her rage and need to prove herself. That is incredibly Aries of her. Though they have a reputation for being impulsive, Aries also have a strong sense of passion. Sakura exhibits this enthusiasm through her drive to become a better shinobi, her unshakable devotion to Sasuke, and her mission to improve the shinobi world as she advocates for mental health facilities for children after the war.

Temari shares Sakura’s tendency to act quickly and often without thinking. She can be quick to make scathing remarks to individuals, especially those she cares about, much like an Aries who occasionally speaks more quickly than she thinks. During the Shinobi World War, Temari takes up a leadership role among her people and cares for her brothers with the same ardour that Sakura does.

Taurus: Choji Or Itachi

Choji may be the target of many jokes from his buddy Ino, but that doesn’t stop him from being the team’s most guarded player. He is the only team member that can step up and take on an Asuma-like zombie even if it hurts, and he is the first to volunteer to stay behind and cover the enemy for his companions.

The Taurus sign rules over protection and fidelity in the Naruto zodiac. The same is true of Choji’s enjoyment of various cuisines in the shinobi community. A Taurus enjoys the finer things in life, and occasionally those finer things include trying new foods. Itachi exhibits extreme protectiveness, much like Choji.

He simply displays it very differently. Choji carries the weight of the world on his shoulders rather than risking his life for his colleagues and teaming up with them. To keep the community safe, he nearly sacrifices his entire family. He then keeps a cover for years to keep his little brother out of danger and to continue assisting. That’s a lot of Taurus dedication.

Gemini: Info

Ino appears like your usual cruel girl based on the first interactions she has with Sakura. But nothing could be further from the truth than that. While I only react violently when she is harmed, she is also a bit of a social butterfly who makes an effort to make new acquaintances wherever she goes. She gets along so well with her colleagues despite her sarcastic jabs, which is in part why she was able to reconcile with Sakura years after their disagreement.

That charisma and her capacity to change her mind quickly in a novel circumstance scream Gemini. That is in opposition to her traditional Naruto sign of Virgo.

Cancer: Kiba Or Kurenai

Astrology enthusiasts know that Cancers are known for being highly emotional and for making snap judgments based on their feelings. That may be the case, but Kiba shows himself to be a rather sensible Cancer. Kiba finest exemplifies the Cancerian quality of empathy. He simply makes fun of those he cares about.

He arguably demonstrates this the most to the anime audience through his bond with Hinata. Although Kiba will make fun of her for passing out in Naruto’s presence, he is also at her side throughout training and gives her encouragement, never letting her doubt herself the way her family did when she was a youngster.

Curiously, Kurenai’s connection with Hinata also reveals some of her Cancer characteristics. She is Kiba, Hinata, and Shino’s sensei. She has a lot of sympathy for Hinata, much like Kiba, and takes the young girl under her wing when Hinata’s father practically excommunicates her from the clan.

Leo: Shino Or Jiraiya

Shino might not initially appear to be a Leo. Leos are known for being the life of the party and for wanting to be the centre of attention, after all. Shino may not be the type of Leo who draws attention to himself amid social situations, but he still yearns for recognition and acceptance.

He always makes it clear that he ought to have been involved when he is left out of a mission, such as the Sasuke Recovery Mission in which Shikamaru takes all of the lads he attended school with but Shino. After two years away, when Naruto returns to the village, Shino expresses his disappointment that Naruto doesn’t recognise him. Shino desires acceptance and admiration. This is completely understandable considering how often he’s overlooked.

Virgo: Shikamaru Or Kakashi

Shikamaru, a likeable Naruto character, is the mom buddy though he puts on the air of being a carefree slacker. He is the one who is being teased by Ino and Choji. He is always working to keep his pals out of danger. Shikamaru even makes it his life’s work to look after Asuma’s daughter after his sensei passes away.

All of that is a result of Virgo’s maternal instincts. However, Shikamaru also has the analytical mind of a Virgo. He has backup plans for both his backup plans and his backup plans’ backup plans. Shikamaru makes an effort to remain focused from every viewpoint.

Libra: Naruto

Fans may have assumed Naruto was a Gemini due to his propensity for making friends wherever he goes and his frequent success in convincing his adversaries not to attack him. But Naruto is more compatible with Libra.

With their capacity to see all sides of a situation and serve as peacemakers, Libras are just as endearing as Geminis. Additionally, they frequently naturally possess leadership qualities. That’s in part because others generally find them endearing, but it’s also because of an impulse to take charge in a trying circumstance. Given that Naruto was born in early October, Libra is also the canon zodiac sign for him.

Scorpio: Neji

Neji doesn’t make the finest first impression when the audience first meets him. He’s aggressive and claims to be superior to Hinata in every aspect. He is mistaken, but he is also projecting because the Hyuga family history has caused him much hurt.

Neji exhibits a bad characteristic of a Scorpio when he uses his hurt to act aggressively. They often have a strong tendency to suppress their feelings and lack immediate confidence in others. They pursue their goals regardless of obstacles, just like Neji does when he challenges Hinata during the Chunin Exams.

Sagittarius: Lee

One of the most animated characters in the Naruto series is Rock Lee. He approaches everything with zest and sees the positive side of every situation. This, along with Lee’s ongoing optimism, are characteristics of a Sagittarius.

The sign Sagittarius is known for having the strongest sense of wanderlust. Lee never turns down the chance for an adventure on a mission, even though he doesn’t explicitly leave Konoha behind.

Capricorn: Hinata Or Asuma

People frequently perceive Capricorns as having ruthless ambition. Hinata is not ruthless, but even as a young girl, she was quite ambitious. She works harder than practically anybody else in the series to get over her shyness and fear to accomplish what she wants to do, which is to demonstrate her skill as a shinobi.

It’s also evident that, like most Capricorns, Hinata values family highly despite spending most of her time away from them. She is motivated not only by the presence of other skilled shinobi but also by the desire to impress her father and younger sister. She aspires to live up to the Hyuga standard.

Aquarius: Sasuke Or Gaara

Even than Hinata, Sasuke has higher aspirations. But he wants to become powerful and get justice for his family, who he lost. When he departs Konoha in search of Orochimaru for training, such qualities elevate him above the status of simple village outlaw. Undoubtedly, Aquarius is linked to that rebellious character. Hence Sasuke’s devotion to Naruto.

Passionate individuals who fully support a cause, Aquarians are. Sasuke’s initial motivation might have been justice masquerading as retribution, but he changes his mind and works to protect the shinobi community.

Pisces: Tenten

Tenten doesn’t get as much screen time as the other manga characters for the Naruto audience to get to know. Although they never even mention her last name, Naruto’s filler episodes contribute the most to her character development.

Even though Tenten presents herself as an expert in practical weapons, it’s also very obvious that she has a bit of a dreamer’s side, which is why Pisces (which also happens to be her canon zodiac sign in the manga) is a suitable fit for her) Tenten is receptive to the potential of the bizarre shinobi world like believing in the existence of ghosts.

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